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Do we have the right to choose our murderers?

by Gaya Izennaxen
We, the Amazigh peoples of North Africa whose only crime is to love freedom; whose only crime is to have an ancient culture based on universal values of secularism and democracy; whose only crime is to have a rich land which attracts raptors from all over the world.
the Amazigh peoples of North Africa

the Amazigh peoples of North Africa

We, who Westerners and Easterners have always colonised; we, who have never colonised any nation; we, who have never agreed to endorse slavery and thus freed black Africans sold by Westerners once they reached our land.

We, who have never built prisons and have found ingenious ways to banish crime from our society; we, who integrate fully in your countries that welcome us to the extent that we seem nonexistent.

We refuse to be murdered by those who advocate the noble values of humanity behind which they hide to annihilate us. We refuse to be murdered by the holders of the Nobel Peace Prize. We refuse to be murdered by the French Left in the name of humanist values, in the name of tolerance and solidarity.

Do we have the right to choose our murderers? Can we ask your leaders to show their true faces so that we can fight to the last of us? Can they single themselves out from you, their people, in whose name they are about to administer the “final solution” against us?

Yes, we are ready to die for our rights, our freedom and our lives.

To the peoples of America, to the peoples of Europe, we ask you to demand to know the truth from your leaders; renounce the support and pledge granted by your leaders to the criminals who govern us, to the terrorist islamists through which they justify our death, our end and our submission.

Demand your right to remain innocent, to remain our brothers, our friends. We the Amazigh peoples only demand our right to live freely in our lands that are already widely slashed by barbarians of all kinds.

Show that you refuse to take responsibility for the coming massacres in Azawad, for the coming massacres in Kabylia and in all Amazigh territories. Africa which is sold and violated by those who claim to represent us will regain its freedom peacefully or forcefully. Free Africa will recognize its friends and will never forgive those who want to give us up to barbarism.

North Africa will regain its freedom; the peoples of North Africa will rise and in their wake will evict the dictators and their accomplices, the gangsters and their criminals which sow chaos and cause death.

Tomorrow’s free North Africa is looking at you; it asks you to choose, it asks you to take your responsibility before history.

The Amazighs of North Africa are a chance for you against the islamist threat. The greed of your leaders will eventually engulf you and dispel your reason, your principles and foundations.

by Gaya Izennaxen

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