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Algeria: Amazigh seek protection of UN peacekeepers

The President of  Anavad, the Kabyle Provisional Government, Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, to require him international protection of the Mozabite Amazigh people in Algeria.

jeune mozabit

His Excellency Ban Ki Moon , Secretary General of the United Nations


Since formal independence of Algeria, the Algerian government is conducting a genocidal policy against the Amazigh people. In addition to language and identity politics to depersonalize in to the Arab- Islamism , it conducts sporadic wars against peaceful and unarmed people.


Thus , Kabylia (now with over 10 million inhabitants) was the scene of massacres in 1963-1965 , 1980 and 2001-2003. Chawi people of the Aures (300 km south- east of Algiers ) were bereaved by Tkout repression in 2003-2004. The Tuareg are regularly bullied and repressed.

The other Amazigh people of Algeria is under regim fire is Mozabite people (800,000 inhabitants and established 800 km south of Algiers ) . Living on a desert territory but particularly gas-rich subsoil , it is , since 1975 , a victim of physical attacks against its expropriation and extinction. Violence which it is subjected particularly since 2008 continue to cause deaths among children. Last fortnight , violence is up a notch . Its classified heritage mausoleums and graves were destroyed , looted their property .

Deeply peaceful and pious , but helpless and gagged , the people Mozabite officially subjected to violence ” ethnic ” in which the police have a blatant bias against him. Many videos on the net repeatedly show police lending a hand to the aggressors against Mozabites .

Excellency Ban Ki Moon

I ask you, on behalf of the Anavad , kindly enter the Security Council of the UN :

1) The dramatic situation in the Mozabite people and the need for its protection of peacekeepers to stop the violence that reverberates and terrorize .

2) The Algerian regime which subjects the Amazigh people in denial of existence , racism and deliberately genocidal policy .

Waiting for a quick response from you, please Excellency receive our respectful greetings and hope.

Done at Paris, 01.20.2014

Signed: Mr. Ferhat Mehenni , President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia

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