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Official visit to Algiers of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, 2 and 3 April 2014 Letter to John Kerry from Lyazid Abid Minister of International Relations

Official visit to Algiers of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, 2 and 3 April 2014
Letter to John Kerry from Lyazid Abid, Minister of International Relations Secretary John Kerry, greetings from the Provisional Government of Kabylia on the occasion of your visit today in Algeria.

Kerry toKabylia

Kabylia, oppressed by the Algerian regime because of its desire for democracy that also is an essential foundation of its culture, look at the United States as a friend and hope for freedom. Tensions experienced in the country since the sixties, are the result of decolonization and arbitrary borders drawn by colonial powers. Long, the international community hoped that eventually the difficulties generated would be reversed. But it is clear that they are growing worse year by year.

There is reason to believe they will get even worse due to the uncontrollable urge of oppressed people to regain their freedom. The Anavad, the Provisional Government of Kabylia established in exile (France) on June 1 2010, promotes the self-determination of the Kabyle people, whose very existence is denied in Algeria. This is because Kabylia is the symbol of democracy and political pacifism that the Algerian government has tried in vain to suppress through more than fifty years of deprivation of identity. The Kabyle people are not set in an artificial and anachronistic mode like Algeria, where it accounts for about 30 % of the population.

This is because the Kabylie rejects States who has troublesome relations with Islamist terrorism, as Arabized Algeria sends “repentant” terrorists as imams into the area so that the Kabyle, children of democracy today, will become your Islamists enemies of tomorrow. This, plus the possession of a nuclear bomb that the Algerian regime is secretly working on in collaboration with Iran and North Korea, will compromise the future of peace. Excellency John Kerry. We know that you hold a language of truth and firmness vis-à- vis the military regimes such as that of Algeria. We trust you and we do not doubt your determination. That’s why we ask you to plead before your interlocutors today, the right to self-determination for Kabylie.

Mr. Abid Lyazid , Vice -President of the Anavad , Minister of International Relations

Mr. Abid Lyazid , Vice -President of the Anavad , Minister of International Relations

A free Kabylie will be an agent of peace, security and stability in the North African region. The U.S. can trust her as an ally and as a part of the bulwark against the Islamism that wreaks havoc in the Middle East and North Africa. The Algerian government has no reliability and commitment to solving the problem of Islamism. Only the Kabylie will be able to honor their word on this, because they are attached to the same values of freedom and democracy, justice and respect for human rights as the United States is. Once a democratic and legitimate state is established, it will act in accordance with its commitments. We have already indicated to Hillary Clinton during her visit to Algiers that “the outline of the Algerian regime is identical to that which you currently condemn in Syria. It has the same ideological source and also uses military violence to remain in power. Anti-Westernism is the source of propaganda for both systems.

The West and Israel are denounced in a frenzy of hatred. In Algeria, the manipulation of Islam by the Algerian regime over the last 10 years has caused more than 200,000 deaths. Most perpetrators of terrorist attacks have received their orders, means and targets from the sinister offices of the Ministry of National Defense. “The Anavad is also concerned about tensions in the Sahel where the Tuareg, like the Kabyle, are lacking a state that would allow them to stabilize and secure their ancestral territory. The solution lays in the right to self-determination of peoples that desire such. The Organization of Emerging African States, based in Washington, and of which the Provisional Government of Kabylia is a member, deserves your support in order to transform peacefully and democratically the geopolitics of the continent. The Anavad is ready to lend its support to this noble mission. Excellency John Kerry, The Anavad believes that all political observers know the criminal practices of the Algerian regime. All women and men, who love justice, recognize Kabylia’s right to self-determination. And they understand that the Algerian military behave as military occupational force in Kabylia.

It should be kept in mind that Kabylia is a country annexed to Algeria by colonial France in 1857, after this country had existed long before Algeria. Today, this area does not even have an administrative existence. They are in total denial of a country that is ready to return to democracy without ending up with a theocratic regime. This is the country that already in 1992, said no to political Islamism in the first multiparty legislation of independent Algeria. Today Bouteflika and his policymakers are doing everything to destroy Kabylia. The electoral farce that will take place in two weeks is not about Kabylie. After fifty years she refuses to go to the polls to elect a president who is foreign.

Kabylia legitimately aspires to elect its own president and its own parliament. After 50 years of repression, torture, killings and of thousands of arbitrary arrests of Kabyles, we have decided to take our destiny in own hands. In order to obtain a clearer view on the situation in Kabylie and the wider region, the Provisional Government of Kabylia and its president Mr. Ferhat Mehenni invite Your Excellency and your representatives to an official meeting at your convenience.

In anticipation of this happy event, on behalf of the Anavad, its president and on myself, I wish you a successful visit to Algiers.

Mr. Abid Lyazid, Vice -President of the Anavad, Minister of International Relations, March 31 2014


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