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Ferhat Mehenni reacts to “encouragement” sent by Ban Ki-moon to the Algerian Government

UN loses more and more credibility and gives us more evidence that this is a forum for dictators and criminals. The UN is dangerous for peace, dangerous for the freedom of mankind, dangerous for the future of humanity. Ben Ki-moon is the puppet of those who legally organized genocide and encourages, with its cowardice or its contribution to the chaos that the criminals organize against their own people and strengthens the prison made from the borders arbitrarily drawn by colonial France. The UN must be judged. World citizens have a duty to destroy that institution in the service of crime, in favor of large-scale looting, in favor of criminals and their crimes.

Open Letter to Mr. Ban Ki -Moon, UN General Secretary  Subject: Algerian Presidential, human rights and people right to self-determination

Mr. Secretary General,   The message where you wish to congratulate the people and the government of Algeria for the peaceful conduct of the presidential election implies that you expected that election to be violent. An it was violent. Because of the range of the official fraud and the malfeasance of its results, and by violences inflicted to two amazigh people: In the Mzab,  ( 800km south of Algiers ) and in Kabylia (100 km east of Algiers), not to mention the scorn and insults from the campaign manager of the President candidate against the Chawi people. Hundreds of people were injured by the forces of repression and those arrested in Kabylia, including Bouira, were tortured by the Algerian gendarmes on the same day of the vote.

Moreover, the call for electoral boycott by the Anavad ( the Provisional Government of Kabylia in exile) and the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia was followed by 98% of the Kabyle population. As a reminder, despite the popularity of these two Kabyle-structures, the Algerian government who continues to sink into autism denies Kabylia’s profound yearning for freedom.

Mr. Ban Ki -Moon. Allow us to issue some protests about the message you sent to the Algerian government because you can encourage the government of Algeria and all political parties in the country to work together in an inclusive and peaceful way to ” maintain stability “, nobody can stop the march of peoples to freedom.Furthermore, allow me to remark that the “stability” mentioned in your message of encouragement refers to nothing other than maintaining the Algerian dictatorship. Everyone knows today that in the countries of the African “decolonization” , stability never strengthens democracy but strengthens the military dictatorship.

Finally, discuss the ” strengthening democracy ” implies a certain pre-existing democracy in Algeria . But the serious events of Ghardaia , directly involving the Algerian state and its forces of “security” in the racist attack against the Berber people of the Mzab clearly contradict this assumed preexisting democracy; as well as the ferocity of the repression of the peaceful demonstration the  20 of April 2014 in Tizi-Ouzou ( Kabylia ), and I invite you to take action by following the link below  http://www.siwel.info/Lynchage-de-Kabyles-par-des-policiers-algeriens-a-Tizi-Wezzu-Video-choquante_a6159.html

Recurrence of violence, crime and denial that are opposed to Kabylia, at least since the Black Spring of 2001, calls for the urgent need for the Kabyle people (representing not less than one third of Algerians) has trained their legitimate right to self determination as guaranteed by international law upheld by the organization you represent.

Mr. Ban Ki -Moon It would be highly commendable on your part that you do not  encourage the Algerian state to maintain its nefarious practices against Berber people, including the Kabyle and Mozabites people and in particular that you do not grant it either a preexisting credit of democracy that should be strengthened and finally publicly remind you of the obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations that Algeria has so far never met.

In the hope that this letter reaches you, please accept the Secretary General of the UN, the expression of our most respectful greetings and the determination of the Kabyle people to exercise their right to freely dispose of itself.

The April 25, 2014

For Anavad

Mr. Ferhat Mehenni.


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