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The French company AREVA and the Nigerien government reached an agreement behind the backs of the Tuaregs

The French nuclear group Areva has signed with the Government of Niger a new agreement on the operating conditions of the uranium deposits which are in Tuareg territory in northern Niger.


The signing of this contract is the result of several months of negotiations between the Government of Niger and the French company operating of the ore that will draw the biggest dividend.

The Government of Niger will draw a few crumbs ,which goes to swell the bank accounts apparatchiks Niger while the Tuareg people, despoiled of its territory because of colonial borders that sealed their fate, only reap, meanwhile, that the pollution of its groundwater, cancers , childhood diseases and permanent destruction  in its territory

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This entry was posted on 27/05/2014 by in Kolonialism, Ytringsfrihet and tagged , , , , .
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