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It is also a warning to Norway

Paris under Gaza demonstration

Paris under Gaza demonstration

At the end of the year 91, Algerian Islamists could have a settlement visa in France on presentation of their FIS member card,  the FIS party who then unleashed a terrorist insurgency. Today these westerners, with an  ingrown morality of  corruption and greed receive coldly in the face the unexpected return of the boomerang.

In most Western countries, like France, they have shown their zeal to support these reactionary, obscurantist, anarchists and appocalyptic currents.

They offer them generous lodging, food and a warm welcome under the cover of humanism, and in the same time they openly support dicatatures from the country they fled. Meanwhile, these perverse politics have always thrown invective, scorn and shame on the democrats, modern and secular progressive forces in our countries of the Midi (South).

They continue to this day to despise us, calling us infamous épthètes (Reactionary, Racist, Separatist …) and many other names of birds of ill omen.

Because, to spit the truth in all its nakedness, they see us from the evil eye, like a too serious potential competitor could, they thought, prevent them from snapping up the natural resources of the South and spred their voracious capitalist supremacy and hegemony over all the damned peoples on the surface of the Earth.

If this is the New World Order “Globalisation” promised, then, through these images, the official France is invited to glimpse the beginnings of her perverse policy that has to be managed tomorrow …

In the meantime, let’s meditate on what the wise says: “He who laughs last laughs best .”


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