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Bet-Israel-Axam Umazigh

  • Her er en kort oversikt over sameksistens av folk i århundrer samme territorium. Jeg takke dypt vår venn Sarah Tiar for hennes innsats for å gjenopprette båndene  kuttet av grusomhetene av historien
  • Beth-Israel-Axam Umazigh

    Beth-Israel-Axam Umazigh

The media talk a lot about anti-Semitism that surround us, this time i would like to bring some cool news: we have sincere friends who support us, the Amazigh (Berber) people!

In these times it is comforting to know that there is a people who likes and support us despite the difficulties he crosses himself!

The Berber or Amazigh are the true North Africans, they occupied the whole north africa before the Arabs, French and other settlers. This is a genuine people with a culture and identity different of the Arab with whom they are often confused.
Since ancient times, Jews have sought refuge in North Africa, they were welcomed by the Amazigh and have not suffered persecution from them.

Amazigh have hadde a similar destiny to ours, namely the successive invasions of settlers who wanted to erase their identity, their specificity. And it is still going on today, North Africa is under Arab domination and they seek to eradicate nations by imposing a policy of arabization and islamization which deny the recognition of their culture, banning the use of their language, “Tamazight,” and converting to Islam by force.

It is a brave people who try to resist with pride. Since our diasporic journey with them, a special bond ties us together and despite the fact that it is unpopular to be pro-Israel, they feed us with friendship and unwavering support. Even more, they see us as a model.

With some friends we opened a friendship group and Amazigh-Israeli support on facebook “Tamazgha-Israel” and a page sharing “Beth-Israel-Axam Umazigh.”
I invite you to get to know this “brother” people.


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