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Nobelpris På Bedringens Vei

Malala Yousafzai Congratulations to this teenager who is marked for life on her body! The pen is mightier than the sword“; this sentence was pronounced by the 2014 Nobel Peace price winner, Malala Yousafzai which comes into its own as of today in light of what is happening in many countries !! The forces of darkness is redoubled by ferocity, which the whole world must know and the fight against!! Meanwhile one can only give a thought to all the victims of the hydra fundamentalist, Kurds fighting almost alone, teenagers kidnapped in Nigeria and Katia Bengana who was less fortunate !!

Gratulerer til denne tenåringen som er merket for hele livet på  kroppen! “Pennen er mektigere enn sverdet”; Denne setningen ble sagt av 2014 Nobels Fredsprisvinneren, Malala Yousafzai , som kommer til sin rett i dag i lys av hva som skjer i mange land !! Mørkets krefter fordobles av villskap som hele verden må få vite det og kjempe imot!! I mellomtiden bør vi sende en tanke til alle ofrene for fundamentalistiske Hydra, til kurderne som slåss nesten alene, tenåringer kidnappet i Nigeria og Katia Bengana som var mindre heldig!!

One comment on “Nobelpris På Bedringens Vei

  1. Kabylsk mann

    Rubish !(prize), political smoke one , to hide the peaceful peoples who fight against the Muslim Arab terror ,as the Kabyle and Kurdish people, so why have they not thought of the KABYLE people or Mr Ferhat Mehenni or the MAK( Kabylian ?? Ohh no no ! not that !!! Because these people there (the Nobel committee of the peace in Norway) are islamophiles, leftists and corrupted in the soul, and especially full of hatred against civilized people, peoples of the peace, they give a prize to a kid to make diversion on the real heroes and the truths problem of today , Prize in principle is given to those who deserve it! What is thus the merit of this kid? To find itself by the fate in front of a stray bullet? How much victim of Muslim terrorism in the world ? Millions ! then should one create millions of Nobel Peace Prizes?, this prize became a trap for those who awarded it they decreased and decreased their prize, which will become a “dinar of Mecca” or “Coin of Mekka ” , one under “pierced coin ” … they make a fool of themselves every year furthermore …….. ” who spits in the sky will receive his spit ” . This attitude of cowardice will turn against Scandinavian countries which are being Islamized a spooky speed,, the future of this countries starts to become dark

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