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Declaration of the Association of the Women of Azawad following the closing of the Algiers talks 5

 Wallet Hitta

Wallet Hitta

The Association of Women of Azawad attended with a very special attention to the latest discussions in Algiers in the peace process between Azawad and Mali. As a driving force of Azawad, our organization has also given particular interest to read all trade undertaken by the delegates of the Coordination of Movements of Azawad (MAC) with first team mediation and then the Malian party.

It was with great astonishment that the Association of Women of Azawad noted the serious and unjust actions that have been performed by a part of the team of international mediation, in order to impose delegates CMA signing a document. These actions range from pressures to personal threats, not befitting the mediation of a conflict as old as that, between us, in Mali; so they do not benefits member countries to international mediation.

“Because the paper Agreement is similar to those of previous revolutions, because it contains none of the expectations of the people of Azawad, because it offers no resolution tracks the cyclical conflict between Azawad in Mali, because it contains anything that allows us to live in peace with Mali, because the international mediation team undertakes unjust acts inconsistent with its role of arbitrator and facilitator, the Association of Women Azawad firmly rejects this Agreement and will not consider concerned by its terms despite the international pressure on the CMA. Therefore, the Association of the Women of Azawad asks the Azawad Movement Coordinating to return to the original claim of independence of Azawad. ”
The Association of Azawad Women welcomes and warmly encourages the Azawad Movement Coordination and invites it to continue to take the right decisions even if this implies resist very high pressures. The Association of Women Azawad thanks the international community for all the assistance and support it provides to Azawad in these difficult times.

Assi Wallet Hitta President of the Women’s Association of Azawad


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