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The US travel warning: The Kabylian provisional Government writes to the Department of State MUNICH (SIWEL)

— In response to the last “Travel Warning” of the US state department, including Kabylia among the high-risk regions for American citizens, the Kabylian Provisional Government in exile, through the voice of his minister of international Relations and Vice-president, Lyazid Abid writes to John Kerry, US secretary of state.
ANAVAḌ AQVAYLI UΣḌIL GOUVERNEMENT PROVISOIRE KABYLE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF KABYLIA To his Excellency, Mr. John KERRY, US secretary of state Excellency, On behalf of the Anavad, I send you the regards of Provisional Government of Kabylia.

I am writing to you on a subject concerning the high-risk destinations that your department has just released and in which we find Kabylia. The Anavad understands perfectly your worry to protect your citizens worldwide. Kabylia would do the same towards hers if she has the means. However, through this second letter we are sending to you, we wish to draw again your attention on the complexity of the relations that Algeria maintains with Kabylia, historical bastion of democratic struggles in North Africa. The kabylian, amazigh, secular and democratic people, is not soluble in an arab, islamic and dictatorial Algeria. He is soluble in no other State except for the one he will build himself in order to be included among the nations represented in the UNO.
The algerian government who is behaving as a colonial force deploys in Kabylia an impressive military and paramilitary presence. The roads of Kabylia are like so bounded by checkpoints set up by armed soldiers, every ten kilometers on average. When you travel to Kabylia, it gives you the impression of being in a country at war. But it is not. This military presence is not intended for fighting against islamist terrorism but to counter any event of popular uprising in favor of Kabylia independence.

For the kabylian people, there are no terrorists in Kabylia apart from the DRS agents who dress up as terrorists with a view to demonize the kabylians so as to give credit to the theory by which they are won over to islamism. Kabylia is won over only to freedom, democracy and full respect of human rights. If Kabylia has her own security forces, there would be a long time that she would have cleaned her territory of any islamist terrorist presence. The relative insecurity which reigns in Kabylia is the fact of algerian soldiers who pretend to be terrorists. Otherwise, how can we understand that with over a hundred thousand men, deployed for 15 years to officially fight against terrorism, we still have to live an unacceptable and horrible tragedy such as the one which struck Hervé Gourdel?
By orchestrating this scandalous affair from first to last, the algerian government has violated a Kabylian sacred tradition which is the Anaya, the obligation of hospitality and the protection of her guests. Around the algerian government, there is no will to fight nowadays against islamist terrorism. He is its instigator and protector. However, there is an unwavering will to fight against freedom, all freedoms, starting from the one of the kabylian people to peacefully practicing his right to self-determination.
On the last April 20th, we released a video showing the racist savagery with which the algerian police violently repressed a Kabylian people demonstration. A state like Algéria one who represses democracy and protect the islamist terrorism, field officers who deserted its own ranks revealed it many times over, is no longer worthy of existence in a world aspiring to freedom and security. We must act quickly because it is contaminating the Western world by training the algerian children starting from school to hatred of the Jew and the West, making of them candidates to Djihad in European countries or in America.
Excellency If the Anavad strives for the right for self-determination of the Kabylian people, it is also so that the kabylian children go to a school which will dispense them the respect of life values, respect of individuals and communities rights, respect of beliefs and nature. We are struggling in order to make of our children brothers of yours. We know that if you support Algeria, it is primarily for geostrategic considerations. You need short-term allies in order to appease the tensions in the world or at least diminish them. But your position regarding this country, currently occupies Kabylia, seems to us unfair, because it is opposite at the same time to security interest of America and to her freedom values. Must we remind you that the algerian regime is the twin-brother of the one you, rightly, fought in Irak? If Saddam Hussein gassed in one day, on March 16th, 1988, more than 180 000 Kurdish civilians, the algerian regime oppresses and terrorizes since 1962, more than 10 million of Kabylians. Thousands of them, imprisoned, tortured or killed by the algerian security forces in 1963 and 2001. Excellency The kabylian people who expresses himself through the Anavad is a friend and an objective ally of US. I am convinced that you are convinced too, that’s why we hope that the Department of state will draw from it sooner or later all the consequences. The Anavad is willing to do everything in order to clear the misunderstandings between Kabylia and the United States.

Munich on March 2, 2015 Lyazid ABID, Vice President, Minister of International Relations

Translated into English by Muhend Arezqi

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