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There are 3 years since Azawad declared its independence

azawad1AZAWAD (Siwel) – On the 6th of April 2015, there has been three years since the National Liberation Movement of Azawad unilaterally declared independence of Azawad after releasing the entire territory azawadien from Malian military and the administration of Bamako.

Yesterday in Azawad, particularly in Kidal, Menaka, Aguelhoc Berr Mberra, Tinzaouaten … people celebrated the third anniversary of the declaration of independence of Azawad with military and civilian parades, games and solemn rose the flag of Azawad.

That the Liberation of Azawad has been compromised and brackets by fundamentalist hordes who came to hamper the Liberation Movement of Azawad, and even the socalled civilized world, the one that prides itself falsely defends human rights, justice and freedom, denies the people of Azawad the right to freedom, dignity and security. Despite 50 years of hell that this same world has imposed, the people of Azawad believes in their freedom. they desire their freedom, and they will achive their freedom.

Photo report and replay of the declaration of independence of Azawad, April 6, 2012 announced to the world by the MNLA spokesman on France 24

azawad3 azawad4azawad5 azawad6 azawad7 azawad8 azawad9 azawad11 azawad12 azawad13 azawad14 azawad15 azawad16 azawad17 azwad2

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