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Glasgow: Scotland -kabylie Solidarity in a gathering of Scottish independence

Mairead Tagg

Mairead Tagg

The Kabyle case gaining more and more visibility on the international level through the efforts of Kabyle activists and sympathizers around the world who miss no opportunity to publicize the Kabyle people and their struggle in the world.

Yesterday, in a rally in favor of Scottish independence, portraits of Amezian Mehenni assassinated in Paris by the Algerian secret services the night of June 18 to 19, and the Kabyle flag was brandished by our Scottish friend Mairead Tagg and some other Scottish pro-independence in solidarity with the Kabyle people struggling for their emancipation and recovery of its sovereignty.

Eternal life for Scottish and Kabyle people!

Mairead2Mairead3 Mairead4 Mairead5

3 comments on “Glasgow: Scotland -kabylie Solidarity in a gathering of Scottish independence

  1. lamara agawa

    est une association kabyle dont je suis le fondateur et président.
    Par Lamara Agawa, lundi 22 juin 2015, 02:25
    ANTI-AUSTERITY DEMONSTRATION, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND 20TH JUNE 2015 Idle No More Kabylie attended a large anti-austerity demonstration by the Scottish people in George Square in Glasgow on 20th June 2015. I was honoured to represent Idle No More Kabylie at the demonstration and the flags of Scotland and Kabylie stood side by side in an act of solidarity in our struggle for independence, when the peoples of Kabylie and Scotland will be able to celebrate their human right to live in dignity and freedom.We also paid our deepest respects to Ameziane Mehenni, beloved son of Ferhat Mehenni, who was assassinated in 2004 in France. His loss has been a devastating blow to his family and to his country. We honour his patriotism and his courage, and undertake to ensure that his sacrifice will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.At this time we call on MAK, the Provisional Government of Kabylie and the Scottish Government to create and strengthen the links between our two countries. We are appealing for them to meet and to forge a strong alliance between Scotland and Kabylie. Our path and our struggle is the same; we should be supporting each other at every turn. We urge our political representatives to engage in dialogue and to create treaties of friendship and support one for the other in our best interests



  2. Jugurtha

    Love it so much. French kabyle thank you very much for your support. We have common ancestrals. Amazigh come from the north of Europe . We support scotish people in their struggle to become a independant country. Scotland is a marvellous country. MERCI !

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