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This is « Rwanda in the Mzab ».

genocide du peuple mouzabit

 Algeria is exterminating the Mzab people.  Ghardaïa has been locked down by « security forces » as to better prevent the Mozabits to protect themselves in front of the Arabs Chaambas who are ordered by Algiers to exterminate the Amazigh people of the Mzab. Living on a desert land of which they made a very beautiful oasis for more than ten centuries, the Mozabits did not know that under their feet there are energy treasures which were hidden.

Their rich subsoil is very coveted by the algerian state who, not happy in exploiting its gas and oil which overflow, attempts since 2008 to expel its population who is its owner. 15 dead in one day, this was never seen on the territory. The Anavad who condemns this crime against humanity holds the algerian state responsible for this violence of which he is the sponsor.

He calls on the international authorities for an urgent intervention. He supports the request of Kamel Eddine Fekhar sent to the UNO in order to place the Mzab under an international protection. The Provisional Government of Kabylia calls on the UNO, the African Union and the European Union to intervene. A state which commits genocides is to be dismantled before it puts the entire North Africa subcontinent to fire and the sword.

Exile, on July 8th, 2015 P/ L’ANAVAD, Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, president

Tanslated into English by Muhend Arezqi


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