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Kabyles supports the Kurds, victims of the Turcs and the Islamic State

Nadia At Uissa, representative of the Kabyle people in support of the Kurdish people (PH / CD)

PARIS (Siwel) – Kabyle women had joined Kurdish women to demonstrate this Saturday, 22 of August at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris to denounce collusion between the Islamic state (DAECH) and the Turkish state whose victims are none other than the Kurds.

Condemning in the strongest terms the execution of Kvser Elturk (Ekin Van), a Kurdish fighter tortured to death by the Turkish soldiery and exposed naked in the center of the town of Varto in Turkish Kurdistan, various Kurdish women’s organizations fear mass massacres, appealed to public opinion.

Taking the floor, the representative of the Kabyle people, Nadia At Uissa, called for the immediate cessation of bombardments of civilians and reawakening of consciences a century after the genocide of Armenians and Assyrian/Chaldeans, “How France which recognized Armenian Genocide can condone the Kurdish genocide? ”

French justice is about to judge Ömer Güney for the triple murder in Paris (January 9, 2013) of the three young Kurdish activists Sakine Cansiz, Leyla Dogan Fidan and Saylemez (Rojbin), with the aggravating circumstances of premeditation and in relation to a terrorist enterprise targeting Turkish secret service, diplomacy appears to have been trapped by the so-called “good will” of the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan Islamist struggle against the Islamic state.


from Siwel 240313 AUG 15



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