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The ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism

civil concordThe ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism THE CAIRO (SIWEL)
– According to the Algerian Minister of Justice, Tayeb Louh, who was speaking last Thursday in Cairo during a session of the Council of Ministers “Arabs” of Justice, Algeria wants to amend its Criminal Code to fight the “candidates for jihad” abroad. The Algerian minister stated that the proposed amendments arising from the Algerian experience in the area of the fight against terrorism. He has also stated that “This experience is based on a comprehensive approach combining the aspects of the political, legal and security“, he said …

Things are still without voice! That is a beautiful statement. He could even think about the drive not warned that the State arab-israeli Algerian islamic really fighting against Islamist terrorism …
It is not unnecessary to specify that Islamist terrorism in Algeria is, first, the direct consequence of the Algerian institutions themselves, in particular of national education which Algerian official programs of the preparatory classes for example load the brains of children, age 6, of lessons , Islamic education on the theme, among other things, of the “agony of the fallen” (for the kuffaar) or even “how to wash the dead” etc … the effect is guaranteed: the children are terrorized and fear above all of ” finish as the miscreants”, that is to say six foot under ground, in a terrifying torture room lined with a gigantic rotisserie … But attention, no child of minister or Algerian general do attended public school Algerian, they have all been the French school in waiting to go to do postgraduate studies in Paris, London or New York …. That is to say among the miscreants! The Algerian schools and its Islamic education is to produce Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Ali Belhaj and Madani Mezrag was quoted as saying.

It is to clarify that the Islamic education (Tarbiya islamiya) is a compulsory subject which continues the child of the CP to the terminally ill … and the result is therefore! Algeria has deeply fanatics who were preying on very broad strata of the population and has produced thousands of Islamist terrorists, hundreds of thousands of victims of Islamic terrorism and then, in the era of the “residual terrorism “, thousands of terrorist “Pentiti” high on the legal level above the victims of terrorism.
In fact , the terrorists Algerian Islamist have benefited from a so-called law of “civil concord” and of “national reconciliation” which is to absolve the Islamic terrorists for their crimes and to be “untouchable“, especially by the families of the victims, who have an interest to do low profile before the “Pentiti” at the risk of being prosecuted by the Algerian judiciary.

It must also be remembered that the “Islamic cooperation” of Algeria with the Saudi Arabia has had the effect to hatch hundreds of thousands of mosques Salafist, without counting the thousands of Koranic schools financed by the Ibn Saud and or the children are literally biberonnes to Wahhabism. As to the “Arab cooperation” with Egypt, it had the effect of emptying the Egyptian prisons of their Islamists for the send “teaching Arabic to the Algerians “, these Arabs “very rough” who don’t even speak their own language!
During this meeting of Arab ministers of justice, the Algerian minister has indicated that “Algeria will strengthen its legal arsenal for a more effective fight against terrorism” because he said “terrorism is the greatest threat to the security of our Arab nation … “, adding that “the fight against terrorism is among the priorities of the Arab World” … one would almost wonder of or came out this Islamic terrorism, if this is precisely of this evil Arab world. Until evidence to the contrary, the Islamist ideology has for single origin the Arab States themselves who have used and continue to use it as a powerful solvent of the will of the peoples to emancipate themselves from the domination arabo-Islamic.

If Algeria really wants to fight the candidates for jihad abroad, it might be well advised to begin by stop of the missionary to decimate the Kabyle resistance and ruin the aspirations of freedom of other peoples, including beyond the Algerian border, as has been the case for the Azawad.

It is now public knowledge that the AQMI and many of its metastases are nice and well the opens of the Algerian State itself. In this regard, Hocine Benhadid, an Algerian general” of origin kabyle”, has been implemented prematurely retired, and then arrested and placed in detention by the Algerian State for having revealed among other things, that “terrorism in Kabylia is the fact of Algerian service” person who does not know that Islamist terrorism has many benefits for the criminal States and totalitarian as Algeria.

Then if people still exist and the nations who believe that the “peaceful coexistence” and the “living together” are of the order of the possible with the arabo-Islamism, they are sadly mistaken because the freedom, equality, respect of other peoples, other cultures and religions is not compatible with the arabo-Islamism for the simple reason that it is contrary to its nature. It is not a coincidence that the “peaceful coexistence” and the “living together” are attested to in no region of the world faced with the expansionism arabo-islamic; of or the absolute necessity for the Kabylia to access as quickly as possible to its independence before being completely destroyed by this morbid ideology which constitutes the very essence of the Algerian State.

zp, SIWEL 241722 NOV 15
Translated by Tinhinan Ouali

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