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The Kurd defend us all


I’m not Kurdish, I do not know a Kurdish word, I would be incapable to quote a Kurdish author name. Kurdish culture is totally foreign to me. Oh yes! i have eaten Kurdish

Anyway. Today I am Kurdish. I think Kurdish, I speak Kurdish, Kurdish I sing, I cry Kurdish. The Kurds besieged in Syria are not the Kurds, they are humanity resisting darkness. They defend their lives, their families, their country, but like it or not, they are the only bulwark against the advance of the “Islamic State”.

How would the coalition against the alleged murderers be credible, while  for different reasons, many of its members have shared with ISIS (and still share some) strategic, political, economic interests? Against cynicism and death, today there is the Kurdish people.

Charb (Stéphane Charbonnier)

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This entry was posted on 09/01/2016 by in Caricature, Politikk, Ytringsfrihet and tagged , , .
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