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In occasion of the Third Congress, message of solidarity to the Kabylian people from different people who struggle. Here from the Scottish people.

opportunity to wish the 3rd Congress of the GPK every success. The people of Scotland, like the Kabyles, are currently engaging in a peaceful but determined struggle for our independence. We are fighting, not just for political power to shape our own destiny, but to preserve our culture, language and traditions, while at the same time forging a strong, economically successful modern country. It is not wrong for a people to want to govern their territory; to want what is best for the populace and to want to shape a positive future for its children. The GPK, like the SNP in Scotland want to work for the best interests and the future of our two countries.

I very much hope that the links of culture, friendship and political solidarity between Scotland and Kabylie will grow stronger and stronger, and that our two countries and our people will grow ever closer. The Kabyles are fierce, proud and fearless people and so are the Scots. Kabylie and Scotland both have a vey long and wonderful history and culture and we share a love of music and dancing and I look forward to the day when our two peoples will celebrate the independence of both Kabylie and Scotland together as brothers and sisters.

I have had the honour of displaying the Kabylie flag at our own independence events in Scotland as a manifestation of the solidarity between our countries. I thank Mr Lamara Ait Chebib and other independentists in Kabylie for standing with us and displaying the Scottish flag at Kabyle independence events, along with the Amendil Awray-Ruban Jaune Banner, a project he created to promote gender equality; to address violence against women and to encourage women to become politically engaged in helping determine the future of Kabylie.

As a feminist and activist, I particularly applaud the aim of MAK to ensure that the voices of women are integral to the political debate and to ensure the equality of both genders in an independent Kabylie. Too often women are marginalised and silenced in the political process which creates an unequal and unhealthy society. It has been refreshing to see the amount of support from so many Kabyle men raised to protect the rights of women in Kabylie.

I believe that in the end our determination to effect peaceful change will succeed and I believe that the MAK and the SNP will nurse Kabylie and Scotland towards a brighter better future where freedom, respect and dignity are enshrined in our governments and in the lives of our people

In my language my hope for Kabylie and Scotland is expressed like this, “Saor Kabylie gu Bràth agus Saor Alba gu Bràth!”
(Free Kabylie and free Scotland forever.)

Dr Mairead Tagg
Clinical Psychologist,
SNP member and activist for the independence of Scotland


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