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Message from Basque separatists to the 3rd Congress of the MAK.

Lorena Lopez de Lacalle
On the occasion of the 3rd Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK) which will take place on February 26, Lorena Lopez de Lacalle, head of the political party of Basque separatist International Relations Eusko Alkartasuna “Basque Solidarity” fighting for ‘unifications of the seven Basque provinces, sent a message to delegates of the MAK in which she recalled the similarities between Basque and Kabyle people and wishing success to the 3rd Congress of the MAK

On behalf of Eusko Alkartasuna, “Basque Solidarity”, who can not attend your 3rd Congress we nevertheless wish to inform you of our support and solidarity in your democratic struggle for self-determination of Kabylia.

Unfortunately, the violence exercised by the States we know well, like you, but it will not waver our common determination to defend the right of our peoples to self-determination as this is a fundamental right that belongs to all peoples who aspire their freedom.

We demand respect for our peoples and respect for the will of our peoples as this will is the sign of Democracy. We want more of Democracy, we just want to live in peace in the world.

We share with you the need to gathering forces of our peoples so that the voice of our peoples is heard. The Union with us and with the rest of the Peoples who work for self-determination is the best instrument to achieve our goal. I can not conclude without saluting the efforts of women in the awakening of consciousness of your people.

That is why we express our solidarity in these difficult times for your Kabyle people and we express our best wishes for your congress.
Ar Tufat, Gure agurrak beroenak,
Gasteiz, 21 février 2016

Lorena Lopez de Lacalle
Head of International Relations

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