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Dear sons and daughters of Kabylia,

30 minutes to Kabylia

30 minutes to Kabylia

I am writing to you on behalf of the fight of the MAK and of our country Kabylia. During the last two months, we have provided our assistance, everything that we could from the United States and our surrounding community for Kabylia.

Our activists as well as the President of the MAK in Kabylia struggle each day for our right to self-determination. Many of these activists come from less favored social strata and poor families who work hard to survive. But they never miss any appointments of MAK on the field. I met extraordinary people on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and other services that are ready to provide assistance to Kabylia. Then, as Matoub Lounes had the habit of say, WHY NOT!!!

The movement that I created is called “30 minutes for Kabylia”. “30 minutes for Kabylia” works in a very simple way. It is designed to make donations to MAK without touching your salary. The ideal is to work an additional 30 minutes for those who are able to manage their use of the time and give the profits of these 30 minutes to the MAK.

I understand that we all have different wages and hours paid differently , from one person to another. By the end of each month, the money will go directly to Kabylia, to fund the activities of the MAK and provide a better environment to our courageous activists.

We are particularly looking for donations for the funding of upcoming events in Kabylia in particular in April and other events. We have already initiated actions of generous funding that we have received from members of our community and the citizens who have already signed without even announcing our project. As a community installed in the United States and Canada, it is extremely important to us that we develop our future Kabylia.

We therefore hope that you will be able to join us in the financing of the construction of our independence. We are particularly seeking donations to each weeks, with only a half-hour of your work and as less as $5. We will always be very grateful for your support. Newsletters will be sent by mail each Friday evening for all those enroll. You can use the bank account, Western Union or even send a check. Any support will be very appreciated by us and by the whole world and to MAK to which we are a service.

If you have any questions, please contact the Facebook page “MAK California” .

for New York, please contact: Salem Aomari Saymak656@Gmail.com 347-549-5665.

la femme kabyle

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