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Lombardy, Savoy, Piedmont, the Countéa Nissa and Corsica supports the marches on 20 April in Kabylia

Lombardy,Savoy,PiedmontLombardy, Savoy, Piedmont, the Countéa Nissa and Corsica support marches 20 April in Kabylia. On the occasion of 20 April marches in Kabylia to commemorating the kabylian Spring of 1980 and 2001,the representatives of the peoples of the mountains of the Alps (Savoy-Piedmont-Countéa Nissa), Lombardy and Corsica have sent a message of support to the presidents of provisional Gouvernement (Anavad) and the Movement for the autodétermination of Kabylia (MAK), message we publish below:

Despite vilification, organizing false rumors, provocations, repression affecting its militants in Algeria, walking in Paris and one in Montreal organized by the MAK to express the legitimate sovereignty of the kabyle Nation was a success. The 20. April 2016, the Kabyle nation, will scroll heavily on their country, to reaffirm their desire to regain their territory, their culture, their traditions, asserting their aspirations to found a secular and democratic nation that guarantees the freedoms of its citizens. We, the peoples of the mountains of the Alps, we join the battle of the Kabyle people in their struggle against the Algerian Jacobinism. Co-sign severally:

– Jean-Marc Fonseca, activist for the independence of Countea Nissa and return to the sovereignty of the Savoy States, Citizen Movement of Nice Country (MCPn), member of the FMCA (Citizens Movement Federation of the Alps) (Savoy-Piedmont-Countéa Nissa).
– Alberto A. Schlittai, Lombardia, militant pro Lombardy Independence, member of EFA / EFA movement for the recognition of the Right of Self-Determination of Peoples.
– Pierre Biguet: Spokesperson of the Collegiate State Federal of the Savoie (founder of the FMCA) and the Provisional Government of the State of Savoy (GPESE).
– Stéphane Deret Perroux: Member of the Secretariat of MCSE, Citizen Movement of Savoy (federal state). activist for solidarity with the process of sovereignty of Corsica.

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