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The Arab muslim colonists provoke the Kabyle people to violence

Karima Nait Sid

Reliable sources shows us that there’s been severe clashes between the Arab colonial forces and Kabyle citizens in Fort National. We recorded the arrest of several militants.

The Algerians provoked the Kabylians to prevent that the kabyle national day was being celebrated. It is outrageous that a peaceful celebration was suppressed in such a brutal way. It shows that the Arab colonists still dont know how to solve a political problem without using violence.

Riots broke out tonight following the arrest by the security services of four (04) activists of the movement for autodetermination of Kabylia (MAK), which is preparing to host a conference to commemorate the June 14, 2001.
According to the witnesses, the police brutality continues right now in front of the squad of repression.

The police brutality is still ongoing and strong police forces are presence in the city of Larbaâ Nath Irathen.

Arrests and several injuries are recorded among the demonstrators.

The Clashes between the Algerian colonial forces and Kabyle youth lasted until 2am and the Algerian army gave up because of public pressure and released MAK activists who were arrested.

The colonial forces have freed 12 people. Our locally sources confirmes that six (06) of them were brutally beaten and that one of them is in serious conditions.

The MAK’s information website (Siwel.info is inaccessible) confirms that Siwel has just been hacked.
They say that”He just suffered attacks in Saturation DoS (DDoS), even with a proxy can not access it, it is done with the aim of preventing the agency linking the riots that are currently in n At Larbaa Yiraten “.


The Siwel team could regain control of the site.



One comment on “The Arab muslim colonists provoke the Kabyle people to violence

  1. Jens Inge Egeland

    Azul from Norway,I support your fight against the Arab muslim colonists.

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