Everything about Kabylia

Choosing friends


Choosing friends

Algeria, December 1991. Islamic Front of Salvation (FIS) win the first democratic vote
The West is applauding democracy and give shelter to the “persecuted” islamists
Only Kabylia differs by not voting for the Islamists nor the ruling junta.

In 1991, terrorism claims 250,000 victims …
Men, women, elderly and children are massacred in atrocious conditions.
Kabyle are the first to take up arms to defend their villages.

25 years later, the Kabyles still resist and have decided to found their own state
The West continues to maintain its relations with the Arab-Islamic juntas …
But begins to feel the side effects of the bad company.

Kabylia is a bulwark against Islamic tidal wave

Like the Kurds in the Middle East, the Kabyle are the only bulwark against Islamism in North Africa and indeed in Europe. For the safeguarding of universal values, europeans are condemned to not only get rid of their alliances with these juntas but also encourage and assist in the advent of a secular Kabyle state .

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