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Letter to Ferhat Mehenni from Yella Houha

9321411-14902278MONTREAL (Siwel) – Mr President, AGMA inu (my brother), Mr Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, Mrs ministers, Ladies and gentlemen delegates,

I take this opportunity of the completion of the construction of the essential organs of the Kabyle nation with the organization of the work on the Kabyle parliament to speak to present gathered around the Kabyle leaders.

I say it here and now with conviction and certainty: The only future that befits the glorious Kabyle people is independence! No less and without concessions!

This people has given its blood and his best son for two things that are worth for a people: the independence of Algeria and the Amazigh cause.

Once independent, this Algeria simply wanted to make you, and we Chawis, a byproduct laced in Arab-Islamism denying everything that makes us unique people, coming from a specific territory, speaking a language well distinct, and populated by a homogeneous population. This feature common to both peoples is the pedestal to claim a sovereign state and Kabylia will be sovereign against wind and tide.

The recent update of the Algerian constitution authorizes me to say that we definitely have nothing to do in this Algeria which insists on making us perfect “Muslims” belonging to the “Arab people” speaking a language that is not ours.

My seniority in the companionship of the MAK alongside my brother in arms Ferhat Mhenni, president of the GPK, convinced me of one thing: Kabyles will never give up their ideal: independence!
The Kabyle ideal is based on the triptych that makes Kabylia a viable nation: A territory: Kabylia, a people: the Kabyle, and a language: Kabyle

By providing the tools for managing a nation, as this future Kabyle parliament object of your work, the GPK and the MAK are building a truly democratic future for the brother Kabyle people that will define its future democratically at the opposite of the opacity of the Algiers governanc.

You are the light of all the Amazigh people, saying that I think of our Mozabite brothers headed by our brother Dr. Kamelddine Fakhar arbitrarily imprisoned by the Algerian government, our AZAWAD brothers in their struggle for survival, our Rifians fellow Republicans, and of my fellow Chawis, a endangered nation of kings and queens.

I encourage you with conviction and enthusiasm to move forward!

Long live the GPK !
Long live theMak !
Long live the Kabylo-Chawie brotherhood !
Long live the Amazigh brotherhood !

Yella Houha Chawi independentist

Siwel 071320 September 16

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