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Niculaiu’s statement before the Special Court of Assizes of Paris

France takes hostages, political prisoners of the peoples they colonized. Not surprisingly, it feeds on his friendship with the executioners of freedom from all horizons. To this day, France is contributing to the Algerian dictator to voilance committed against the Kabyle people. One must have the same conditions as the Corsican to understand how their struggle is legitimate. Respect for the Corsican people! 
Nora Noti


Niculaiu’s statement before the Special Court of Assizes of Paris

Distinguished judges of the French State,

My name is Michele Niculaiu Matteu Battini. I was born in Paris on 12 September 1993 among the Corsican Diaspora and grew up between Bustanicu and Corti, Corsica, from my 4 years to the day of my incarceration at the age of 19.

I am currently studying by correspondence in the third year of license language, literature and foreign and regional civilization at the Università di Corsica.
I am refounder member of Ghjuventù Indipendentista, nominated honor activist during the General Assembly in July 2013, I was elected representative by the students of the Humanities sector in general elections of January 2016. I am incarcerated since May 31, 2013 and I am 23 years old.

I agree to stand before you as a political prisoner, refuting in advance any abusing of language such as the use of the infamous word “terrorist”. I speak for thousands of young patriots who share our identity aspirations, progressive, social and emancipatory. The betrayals of some vile characters, yesterday towards those they now accuse, allowed you to confuse me and make me to know three and a half years of exile prison before the trial.

Today, openly, I assume my responsibilities and the consequences of my actions without putting you to another weapon than that statement.

I joined the cause of the Corsican people knowing full well what I was exposing myself. It’s not my personality or purported aggressive tendencies that led me to support and promote violent and illegal methods of struggle. Indeed, I am less passionate to guns than to poetry, history or literature. It would be futile, hypocritical and ridiculous to say the least to evoke the underground resistance by reducing it to a vulgar dubious psychological profiles mesh without ever speaking of the conflict context that made it necessary. If the Corsican patriots have made use of arms against the state you represent, two centuries of linguistic oppression, cultural rolling and centralized authoritarianism were the reason. The Corsican nation exist and will never be a piece of another country. History has bequeathed us a language, one flag, one land, one national heritage and duty to defend our natural right to self-determination in Europe of the peoples against those who even deny our existence.

“Corsica is not a French department, it is a defeated nation that will rise again,” wrote Saveriu Paoli in 1914. A century later, in December 2015, by a democracy vote after a long period of resistance and struggle, the Corsican people has made this pious wish a reality by electing a nationalist government. Catalonia, the Basque Country, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Corsica and many other countries throughout Europe wake cultural nation against nation states, linguistic diversity against monolingualism, local democracy against centralized technocracy. This is inevitable, the Corsican people will be recognized and their rights restored.

I will pay the price of that commitment without any regrets. I declare to have only one country, Corsica. I confirm my patriotic commitment, my active support to resistance and my membership in the demilitarization process initiated by the FLNC in 2014. I affirm that my loyalty is gained to the current Corsican government, the latter is the only political authority to which I bend my knees. Finally, my patriot honor forbids me to recognize the legitimacy of this Court. It can condemn me heavily and force me to serve my sentence but it is not able to obtain my consent, my bid or the denial of my ideas. I assume all I could say, write or do, before and during my detention in the service of my country. Do your duty, honorable members of the Court. I am convinced that I have done mine.

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