Everything about Kabylia

Kabylia is alone against the algerian dictatorship


The colonized country Kabylia : the landscape is a dump as far as the eye can see. The forest fires perpetrated by the Algerian state make up the remainder of the landscape disfigurement. A sovereign territory would never accommodate such an outrage to nature.

The mosques grow like mushrooms to attest that Arab-Islamism is in fact in control. The military and gendarmes abounded and yet neither terrorism nor banditry have retreated. On the contrary, assassinations, kidnappings, disappearances, robberies, drugs become more commonplace every day.

Kabyle Democrats and Sovereigntists are threatened, repressed, imprisoned and murdered. All that is most normal from an Arabic and Islamic dictatorship.

Despite all of this, the great democracies, the European Community, the developed countries have chosen to cooperate in all fields with a proved dictatorship, Algeria. At the same time, many enlightened democratic regimes oppose a total boycott of everything that is Kabyle. A political and cultural boycott and of course the media

But we always end up regretting our bad relationships.

Letter from the Algerian first minister ordering repression of kabyle militants


[Seal in  Arabic of the PDRA]
[Handwritten notations: 15/02 / 73714 Copy Tizi Ouzou]

The Prime Minister,

Minister of Interior and Local Government
Walis of the region of Kabylia
Security directorate of the wiklaya

[Mail Stamp receipt, dated February 10, 2016]

Subject: inviolability of the territorial and national integrity and prevention of the separatist movement to undermine the security and stability of the country by foreign hands

It is expected of all state departments including the directors of the national Security Committee and wilaya to recruit all national and republican forces to deal with any riots and violence in public spaces.

It is ordered to State officials to ban all political rallies and events, advertised or held secrets by the separatist movement MAK.

It is expected of the security services to proceed with the closure of all private and public stores involved in the support or the support material or moral to this movement.

It is ordered to all the walis and security directors to put in prison activists of this separatist movement as preventive detention until a court decision is taken against them.

[Seal in Arabic from Prime Minister of Algeria, followed by the signature of Abdelmalek Sellal]

Copies to:
President of the Republic: for immediate display


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