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Homosexuality among Muslims


An ottoman miniature from the book Sawaqub al-Manaquib depicting Homosexuality

To those who claim that homosexuality is totally condemned in Islamic countries, I should point out a very Mohammedan shade in the matter: the “pointer” is seen as glorious male, only the “receiver” is perceived as shamefully feminized .

But like many things on the lands of Islam, hypocrisy is a well shared art.

Now, for proof of this nuance, many Mohammedan insults consist of vigorous sodomy threat against the insulted male or female, which proves that for a Muslim male, it is as glorious to sodomize than it is shameful to be sodomized.

I apologize to sensitive souls, for these scabrous technical detail, but it is difficult to talk with precision without providing them.

Islam, unnatural religion leads men to be schizophrenic. It separates men and women in all areas of daily life before marriage. Young men are struggling to have a sexuality and physical tenderness, as a result homosexuality is latent in many Muslim countries.

Look at the example of Algiers, Casablanca and Parisian suburbs, men are always between themselves. At the same time it is the religion that push to “comfort homosexuality” that condemns to death homosexuality. Islam is a evil religion.

While homosexuality existed in all times and accounts for between 6-10% of the population of any country, some want us believe that does not exist in Muslim countries, while it is precisely in these countries that men have more difficulty finding a wife.

So once and for all, homosexuality has a multi factorial origin rooted in education, genes, hormone levels in the gestation period, sometimes some painful experiences of sentimental life, and often imposed by religious rules. It is therefore given, instilled and not chosen.

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