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A Moroccan intellectual says “Our Revolutions were killed in the bud by the Western powers”

It is necessary that the Western populations know that what my Amazigh friend of Morocco, Mohamed Hifad says here is the same perception that Africans and Asians in general. According to public opinion, the West (USA, EU) is the real manager of Arab countries and African countries. They make and defeat the presidents and the governments according to their interests and refuse any social progress to the African peoples and the Asian peoples. In these countries climate change is well felt and vox populi repeats to satiety that the only ones responsible are the western countries. Their industry and their tens of millions of powerful vehicles are responsible for pollution at 200%. People are convinced that Westerners organize pillage and chaos in their countries. They are convinced that the West is encouraging corruption in their countries and organizing it. They are also convinced that the Western peoples are the only beneficiaries of this plunder.

The Africans and the Asiatics accuse the Western peoples of pig oneself at their expense. They also accuse them of turning a blind eye to the mafia practices of their governments in African countries and in Arab states. They accuse Westerners of developing a hypocritical humanist discourse to put them to sleep and continue to lead your unbridled lifestyle unhindered. It is the opinion of the Right, the Left, the Religious, the Atheists, the Catholics, the Progressives, the Conservatives, the Islamists, the Pagans and the animists of all these third world countries.
For my part, after attending a conference of a NATO circle organized by the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Policy, I am also of the same idea that this organization will do everything to hinder the peoples of the third world to develop and leave poverty.

The Arabo-Muslims, the irreplaceable allies to West

The Arabo-Muslims, the irreplaceable allies to West


By Mohamed Hifad

The spring of the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East has been transformed into a nightmare by Western countries.

If we take the example of Tunisia, which was the first, which is normal, thanks to Bourguiba, who knew how to educate his people, everything went well at the beginning for his and other countries quickly followed his example.

Tunisia has shone a glimmer of hope and freedom for a moment in the eyes of the populations of North Africa and the Near East.

But this brief light was soon eclipsed by the panic-stricken West, which began to distribute weapons, to left and right, and to create all kinds of religious or other militias, according to the countries and regions, case by case.

England was the first to kill the Tunisian Revolution in the bud by sending Annahda’s leader and supporting it with unprecedented media coverage, as France had done by sending Khoumeini to Iran to give another face to The Iranian Revolution and deviate from its first spontaneous objectives of liberation, modernization and democratization.

Each Western country carefully maintains small country oppositions, such as sleeping cells, to use them in peacetime to pressure their countries and get real juicy benefits from them, and in times of trouble to change the course of events In the sense that is advantageous to them and does not oppose their interests.

It was not our Revolutions that did not succeed, but they were killed in the bud by the Western powers, by all means, and by various military subcontractors.

It is the West that created terrorism to divert these revolutions from their goals of the liberation of peoples.

Why does the West constantly boast about its democracy and criticize our own dictatorships?

The answer is simple.

Western democracy is only a fiction and it is in reality a supra-dictatorship based on the dictatorships of the small countries that it exploits and makes it nourish.

There is no question, at any price, that our Revolutions succeed and that we become democratic countries because it means the end of the so-called Western democracy.

What will become of France and England without their so-called independent colonies (of whom, if not of their own peoples)?

They will go bankrupt and enter an endless civil war with worse consequences than what we see today in Libya, Yamen, Iraq and Syria because the people are aware of it and educated.

The terrible mistake of the countries of North Africa and the Near East is not to have educated their peoples.

If houses, cities, bridges, roads etc. are destroyed, they can be rebuilt.

What is hard to build are the spirits.

An ignorant people is a calamity in times of peace and war.

He never takes charge and always remains a minor, a handicapped and an assisted.

But we must not put everything on the backs of our leaders.

I am a teacher and I know how it is with us.

France maintains its guardianship over the Ministry of National Education in Morocco through financial aid, training, maintenance of its language even if it is no longer a language of science and the pure and simple theft of our brains , Of our elite by all means, including that of marriage to French women for almost all the major decision makers in the key positions of power.

France watches seamlessly in Morocco.

It is not our secret Moroccan police which guards the royal family but the secret police French, English and American.

The colonization and the absence of democracy in our countries are made structural by us in the West.

Our only hope is to see our immigrants come to power in a “democratic” way in our former colonial powers and do something to free their country of origin a little.

The only way for a Moroccan citizen like me to enjoy this fiction of Western democracy is to go and live in Europe, in Canada or in the United States.

This is what all Moroccans who have the means do.

The raw, primitive and savage colonialism of the beginning of the last century is more subtle, refined and sophisticated today and bears names like globalization, globalization, investment, competitiveness and so on.

France of Holland is the only one to remain primitive by its military intervention in Mali.

I tell the Rifans that they can liberate the Rif and create the Republic of the Rif in Europe first and keep alive in their offspring, in the manner of the ancient Jews, the dream of a promised land Rifaine to conquer, not against the Moroccan regime but against France, England and the United States who are afraid of the democracy of the small countries they exploit and keep their ignorant populations so that they never understand their diabolical game. They nullify our elite either by buying them or by forcing our dictators to marginalize or eliminate them if they exceed a certain level of influence at the local level. Make your balance for 2016 and correct the shot without missing your target!

The Arabo-Muslims, the irreplaceable allies to West

The Arabo-Muslims, the irreplaceable allies to West

Welcome to 2017!


One comment on “A Moroccan intellectual says “Our Revolutions were killed in the bud by the Western powers”

  1. Betty

    I hate to say it but l thnk Mohamed Hifad is right .excellent blog post

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