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The Algerian people are ready to become the greatest boat-people that ever was

By Djaafar Iz.
Algeria is a clinically dead country. Under oil perfusion. If it were not for these pipes-lines that connect the countrey to life (the rest of the world), Algeria would have been buried years ago. The country is an advanced decaying corpse.

Its future is behind it and all the young Algerians know and try to leave the rotten belly of this lifeless dinosaur infested with swarming worms devouring his entrails.

The overwhelming majority of Algerians hate their country. They began to gnaw it from the inside of its birth. Algerians have no idea what a state, a nation, a political power or a counter-power can be. Unable to act on discipline, love, discernment or long-term planning, they only gesticulated, kicked, shouted, whined and complained of hogra. Algerians have no sense of challenge, nor of the collective sacrifice necessary for the construction of a just and prosperous nation. The Algerian people are ready to become the greatest boat-people that ever was.
Welcome to Europe!


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This entry was posted on 03/01/2017 by in Freedom of speech, Kolonialism and tagged , .
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