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The irresistible march of the Kabyle people towards their independence

The irresistible march of the Kabyle people towards their independence – Unless a strong intervention of the NATO and its armed arm the international Islamism, we can already bury the French creation Algeria.

The irresistible march of the Kabyle people towards their independence

The irresistible march of the Kabyle people towards their independence

Report of the march of 12 January 2017, amazigh   New Year’s Day (Yennayer) 2967 in the cities of Kabylia.

Given the intimidation, repression and manipulation of the movement, it was unexpected to see such a crowd shouting ” Kabylie Independente” in Tizi Wezzu. Tens of thousands of citizens managed to avoid the roadblocks of the police and the colonial gendarmerie in Vgayet and Tizi Wezzu to answer the call of the MAK.

At our point at 10 am, we were rather skeptical about the success of the marches. That of Tuvirett was indeed prevented. The militants were surrounded and arrested. Dozens of them are currently in the police station. Not to mention all who were arrested before joining the march. As for Tizi Wezzu and Vgayet, at 10 am, the march was not yet started. A lot of citizens were late in arriving at the scene because of the hundreds of arrests. But also barrages that blocked traffic on several roads leading to Tizi Wezzu and Vgayet, who experienced the same situation.

In Vgayet, Massyl Megatti, a member of the MAK-Anavad regional coordination office in the East, explained that the citizens have managed to get around the roadblocks and hundreds of police men. Despite all the police force, the march for self determination was a hugh success.

In Tizi Wezzu, the video below talk for itself. The march continued to grow throughout its course draining tens of thousands of citizens who responded to the slogan of independence of Kabylia.
It has to be pointed out that a huge traffic jams involving citizens’ vehicles were created by the colonial police on the route of the march in order to block the militants. The vigilance commission has had to deal with several disruptive cases as well.

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