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priereI have a few hundred Muslims who follows the blog Kabylia, so I go to them and tell them that:

The best ally of Islam is the USA,  Israel and more viciously the western anti-racists . For the more your religion causes you to die in your sterile countries, the more tranquil they will be and assured that oil remains your only means of subsistence. The terrorist outbursts that result from your internal discourse are perfectly well managed by the USA, without giving the impression of attacking Islam.

They fuck you with your own dick , that dick you have in your ass for 15 centuries. Then build mosques and Koranic schools. Abduct your children and brain-kill them by Koranic surgery, pray 5 times a day, recite your nonsense by nodding your head, cut the slab in the month of Ramadan and the West will continue to love you as he loves you.

They will bear the thousands of debilitated fools who live at home and protect them against “extreme right” in Europe and against “religious right” in the USA.They will even tell you that all infused science is in the Qur’an, in the camel piss and in the spit of Mohammed. As stipulated by your weak hadiths.’


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  1. I think you should learn about Israel and Jewish people instead of accusing them to be “the best ally of islam” !

    We, Jewish people, just like Amazigh people, have to fight the jihad, the egemony the conquest and the thef of our land and our culture by arab-muslim world. You should learn how Arabs in Israel destroy the archeological remains of the Jewish presence in Israel to invent it as an arab land, you should learn about how arabs treated us, Jewish people, before french colonization in North Africa (just as dhimmis), you should learn about the Amazigh and Jewish History to understand that our peoples are both victims of the Arab hateful behaviour and their thirst for make us disappear !

    Learn about Kahina (the name come from the Hebraic name “Cohen”) (who was Jewish and defended Amazighs and Jewish peoples against arab-islamic in North Africa !

    Stop hitting on Israel ! Open your eyes !

    • kabylia

      You must understand the spirit of the article. Yes, I know Israel. Yes I know that only “the West” is the winner of the regeneration of Islam, and Israel is part of this geopolitical entity

      • It is a lie ! We are NOT a part of the west geopilitical arm of the west. LEARN MORE ABOUT US ! Because right now, you talk like our ennemies (yours and ours), you are their voice in their vile and misleading propaganda !

        Start to learn, start honest researches, and after, on the base of honesty, you’ll can write anything yu want about Israel.

        Learn History, yours and ours ! Don’t make you the ally of our both common ennemies !

      • kabylia

        I understand that you are saying it, but I maintain that Israel is part of the West and that Islam makes its interest.

      • No, you do not understand anything because your views are based on absolutely nothing ! I suppose I know much more than you do what we are and what threatens us !

        You know, I could think you were making mistakes by ignorance, but as much as we talk, I’m starting to wander if what you really want is truth or if you only want to defend those lies… The more we talk, the more I realize that you are not looking for the truth nor to what is fair and honest ! You only want to be a piece in the game of your ennemies and ours.

        If you were looking to the truth, you would listen or even bring a little attention that what I can tell as I am targeted by the lies of your column, you would stop to be so sure, you would be afraid to commit a huge mistake, a big injustice, and you would be, right now, starting your investigations to be sure you’re not a part of that criminal lie, if not else out of regard for another indigenous people from a land stolen by Arab-muslim civilisation !

        You would leave the benefit of the doubt in the name of ancient civilisations like yours and ours, in the name of who you are, in the name of what is true, in what is fair… You wouldn’t stay on automatic-robot-answer to repeat every bullshit someone has put into your head.

        Now I will tell you something : if I’m asking to you to take the time to do honnest researches, it is because I DID !

        I placed truth, honesty and fairness on the very top of my values ! Even if it could hurt me. I won’t defend my people if it has done something wrong ! It has no “diplomatic immunity” for me. The huge, the most important is the only truth !

        I don’t fight for lies !

        So if that goal was yours too, you would start to make REAL, SERIOUS and HONEST researches instead to instantly answer to defend your certainties or at least, you would check if they tell the truth.

        Acting like you do makes me sure you have a principled position. Because you chose to make us your ennemies which is completly false !

      • kabylia

        You have your perception of what is the truth and I have mine.
          Mine is that the USA, Europeans and Jews have found benefits in Islam and are not keen to use them. They even invent a pseudo-civilization that lies thousands of kilometers from the epicenter of Islam.
        It’s a good war. It is up to the Muslims to reject this obscurantist dogma which keeps them in ignorance and leads them to ruin.
        I respect your defense of your state, but I would do everything to make my people free from this cursed Eastern monotheistic religion

      • There is only the truth and it is based on objective and verifiable facts. Your looks much more like a fantasy. You repeat your theory without even show the least evidence, without even quoting your sources. Another simply conspiracy fantasy (which lead to the most viral Internet stupidity, a 7 year old game. It allows to tell everything without proving anything)…

        Tell me now what would be our benefit in islam ?
        What would be the “geopolitical entity” you talk about and what is its goals ?

        What would be the “pseudo-civilization that lies thousands of kilometers from the epicenter of islam” you talk about ?

        You’re acting like you’re denouncing an obscurantist dogma, while actually you defend it ! It is pretty funny !

        And once more I DON’T DEFEND MY STATE ! I defend the truth in everything ! If my state was implicated in something wrong, I would condemn it ! You haven’t even read what I wrote above. It confirms you don’t want to know, you want to defend your certainties, not the truth !

        You tell “I would do everything to make my people free from this cursed Eastern monotheistic religion”… If you’re talking about islam, you defend it more than fight it. You do everything is good for it, so stop to pretend to fight for your people because truth is you fight against it and against mine, but you defend arabic-islamic lies !

        As a part of an Indigenous people, as a lies fighter and a fairness defender I fight each day for Indigenous people, and I fight for yours, I fight for mine, I fight for Indians of America, I fight for Maoris, I fight for Aborigenals, I fight for Kurds, I fight for Armenians, I fight for Copts, etc. !

        I spend each day of my life to fight for the rights of Indigenous people (including the Berber peoples), I fight colonialist nations and civilisations (and then I fight Arab-islamic civilisation which is the biggest colonialist civilisation with the European one in History).

        I tell it again : you really should learn about the History of Amazigh peoples, of Jewish people, of Arab people… Because you really seem to know nothing at all about those peoples you are talking about.

      • If Israel was a muslim land it wouldn’t have all the problems and threats it meets since we’ve gone back to our land, it wouldn’t have been attacked twice by 6 regular arabic armies, we wouldn’t receive rockets each f***ing day from ‘Hamas, we wouldn’t be murdered by intifadas, nor being threatened by every arabic and muslim lands in the world (those who weren’t even arabic ones before the arab-ilamic colonizations), Jewish state would have such a good reputation in the arab-muslim world (which would have lead to an excellent reputation in the whole wide world because most of the nations are bought by arab-muslim oil-dollars. If islam triumph was in our interest, muslim would not sympathized with nazis (Eichmann, Hitler and the waffen SS) !

        If we were an arm of the West, British people in madatory Palestine wouldn’t have stop the importations of weapons for Jewish people while allow them for the Arab-muslim people when we’ve been attacked by Arabs.

        If we were an arm of the West, British people would never publish the white paper and reject Jews fleeing the persecutions and the genocide made by the nazis in Europe ! Throwing them back to the European hell !

        If we were an arm of the West,there wouldn’t be any Dreyfus affair

        If we were an arm of the West, we wouldn’t be most of the lawyers defending Indians of America.

        If we were an arm of the West we wouldn’t have been persecuted, not for a second, by the West (which is completely the opposite of what happened !)

        If we were an arm of the West, it would be so easy for us to live happy and free.

        If islam was in our interest, so muslim should have been our very best friends ! Is it the case ? Absolutely not ! They dream to slaghter us !

        By the way, you never explained what is our interests in islam (!!!)

        We defend some common value with the west such as homosexual rights, democracy, human rights and women rights (values that are not only defended by the West but also by the Indians of America) but we DO NOT work for any other nation !

        Is that clear enough for you ?

        You can check !

      • kabylia

        I have never said that you are an army of the West. I have said that you have the same interest in keeping the formerly colonized countries in ignorance by extolling an Islamic civilization, supporting Islamic armed groups and states with an Islamic constitution.

  2. And also, learn the Arab history ! You’ll learn a lot about it !

  3. You tell “You have your perception of what is the truth and I have mine.”… Your problem is that you confuse truth with theories. If there can be several theories, there can be only one truth and, which, as I told, only can be based on objective and verifiable facts.

  4. I do not see here your link to the extract You quoted ONE source, of ONE man, making theotries you completely misunderstood (not to tell “distorted”) and from who you quoted a little part of his column.

    The word “Arab” could effectively come from hebrew language and not from arabic one (I said “COULD”), but that does not mean “arabic people” does not exist ! Of course it does ! And they are not Jewish at all !

    The name “Arab” could well come from hebrew language as we are a people older than the Arab one (more than 2 000 years older !). In hebrew, the word Arab ערב is written with the same letters than “evening” (in hebrew ‘erev ערב ) which also means “West” / ערב )… But 1) the fact that the words have the same letter could mean the roots are the same but could not mean in anyway that Arab people is a creation from the Jews and the West… Telling that is clearly stupid.

    I firstly said “COULD” because I don’t speak arabic, si I don’t know if that word really come from hebrew

    Let don’t forget that Arabs and Jews are both semitic people and their language have semitic roots… Many word in arabic are close to the same words in hebrew, … and many are completely different too.

    In arabic, a dog is called “kelb”, in hebrew it is “kelev”, the arabic first name “Ali” is the same than the hebrew first name “Eli” (both meaning “My God”), etc… but there are many differences too in words, in alphabet, and in the writing…

    We are peoples from the Middle-East (just like some Amazighs tribes and many other peoples – Persians, Copts, Assyrians, etc….) but we’re not the same people.

    Truth is Mu’hammad tried very hard to convert us and when he saw we refused he decided to commit a massacre.

    • kabylia

      The Arabs are not Semites as you say. But many Jews are not Sémites too, and it is not all semites are Jews.
      When Ibn Khaldun in the 15th century insult the Arabs as grashpers and uncivilized, he says exactly the same as David Belhassen

      • Yes, of course, Arabs ARE Semites !!!! Where the damn have you learned ???

        AND YES ! The Jews are Semites too !!!!

        First news : you think you will learn to me about my people, about its History, about its interest, about if it’s an arm of the west or not !!!!

        Keep low profile and start to learn before to speak !!

        We fought by your side against arabic conquest of North Africa and you don’t even remember it ! Shame on you !!! It makes me sick !

        You don’t seem to know what Semites means, what is the Jewish History, and the Arabic one, and even the Amazigh one !

        You don’t even sem to know what I am talking about when I talk to you about Kahina ! Shame on you !!!!

        You don’t know shit and you pretend to give lessons ! Start to learn ! This is my last advice. Don’t talk about what you don’t know !

  5. You told “I have said that you have the same interest in keeping the formerly colonized countries in ignorance by extolling an Islamic civilization, supporting Islamic armed groups and states with an Islamic constitution.”


    Know before to open your mouth !

    You lie like you breathe ! Accusing but based on nothing !

    You have a cultural level nearby 0, so stop talking until you’ll investigate about the subjects you’re talking about !

    You know, there is a saying telling “There is not deafer than the one who does not want to listen, and no blinder than the one who does not want to see”

    That saying talks about people like you.

  6. You haven’t ever take the time to read what I wrote previously ! You don’t even realize (or don’t even want to realize) that we are the complete opposite of the description you make about us !

    You don’t know we’re in the front line to fight the armed islamic states and organizations, and we’re the first to be threaten by them !

    You want us to stay your favorite guilty, the one you once created ! But we’re not ! We’ll never be !

    A friend of mine told me “It is useless to talk with antisemites as they do not even listen and they do not even want to know, they just keep on lying”. I told him I knew that. And now, you’re just another example proving we are right !

    Shame on you

    • kabylia

      After a long day at work I find that you have written a river of comments. I can not read them all, but I understand that you want to sell us a picture of the Jew unique , not human, who has never done the slightest harm.
      Yes Mr. Israel with the other Western countries are the allies of Islam. Have you ever read a condemnation from Israel about human rights violations among Muslims? Never! Yet you are in the best position to respond to the accusations of the Islamic Council Organization. But not the slightest complaint, not the slightest support to the victims under the rule of Islam.
       I am writing an article on the slave trade under the Ottoman Empire. The Jews never intervened to restore the historical truth about this crime against humanity. On the contrary, they participate in the designation of the Berberes as scapegoats of crime. I did not want to quote the Jews.
      Now thanks to you, I would put the Jews at the center of the crime, the main responsible ones. This is what you have gained by wanting to deny the truth.

  7. One last time : open books, talk with REAL jewish personns (not those in your imagination), talk with Israelis (same things : the real ones, not those you invent), make researches and start to learn !

    Good luck !

    • kabylia

      Anti-Semitism here, Islamophobia for your brothers, racism anti-whites for others. Play the eternal victims if it reassures you … The more they commit crimes, the more victimizing names they find, but we will not tare.

      • Ilya

        I have almost lived in every corner of the world.
        I’d say that the greatest treats I’ve got were from the Northern China, a country from my observation you may not like.
        You really should go and see before you make any conclusion. You know that politicians are instigators and liars.
        The fact is that there are numerous halal restaurants and muslims in the Northern China. Non-muslim people don’t talk religions, just see them as a part of their life. Just like some Kabylian agnostics, people there respect and awe Islam, but seldom talk about the existence of God.
        What’s more, I met a group of students who major in Arabic. And one of them has gone to Bejaya, home of Kabyles. Amazing.

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