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Genetics saves abused history

History is a series of lies on which one agrees, said Napoleon Bonaparte.

the North African genome. Women from Tunisia

The North African genome. Women from Tunisia

The science of genetics brings down the last worn-out myths, the falsification of history, denial of identity. It cuts the grass under the feet of the merchants of jokes, the deceitful politicians, the corrupt historians, the underhanded populists, and the kingdoms and dictatorships who buy them with their petrodollars.

It denounces the impostures and breaks with silence on the occult truths.
The Genographic project of National Geographic Corporation has just delivered (and delived us from a deception) the results of a study carried out for several years, on groups of populations on the four continents. In what regards us, we North Africa population, the study confirms what we have suspected for some time. The official story is an enormous conspiracy which the Berbers are the first victims, the farce of the turkeys. See the article “Who is Taric“.

An Andalusian kalif is more like a german than an Arabic

An Andalusian kalif is more like a german than an Arabic. Portrait of the hall of kings at the alhambra

First, the study reveals that several countries, considered as Arabs, are not that at all, or have a very small part. This is the case of Egypt, which the genome of its population with 68%, clearly points out as a North African nation, it is only 17% Arab, a percentage due to the territorial proximity, and even a little Jewish of 4%! which confirms that the Pharaonic civilization was exclusively Amazigh, Berber.
Along withTunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco.

Tunisia, on the other hand, has been chosen as the representative of North Africa. It is allocated to only 4% of the Arabic genome in this report, 88% is North African and 5% European, far more than the Asian presence.

A surprise: the North African genome, Amazigh or Berber, is found on four continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, and … in Latin America!

Another revelation is the total absence of the Arab genome in countries where their presence was accepted for religious reasons, as in Spain, Portugal, France (the shabby myth of Charles Martel shattered) and sub-Saharan Africa ( Senegal and Nigeria).
It is also in these Middle Age Arianist ( a Christian unitary religion) countries who had seen the birth of Islam in the mediterian area that the presence of the Amazigh (Berber) genome is the strongest. Thus the Iberians (Spanish and Portuguese) have 9% part of the North African gene and hold on tight: 0% Arabic! Sardinia 11% berber genome, Senegal with a large part of 12% and Yarubans (Nigeria) 3% Amazigh DNA.

This is irrefutable proof that the spread of the islam religion in the North African neighborhood had nothing to do with the Arabs, a nomadic Bedouin people without any knowledge or industry, inept to lead a war against peoples much more cultivated and better organized.

One last revelation is the surprising presence of the Amazigh (Berber) genome on the American continent and especially that of the South. This supports the theory (Confermed by Thor Heyerdal) that the Amazighs (Berbers) could have reached the continent of the Americas well before the European settlers, perhaps during the reign of the learned King Juba II, but also the presence of Berber crews within the expedition of Christophe Colombe, and the conquistadors who left the Canary Islands. This is how 5% of North African Amazigh DNA is found among Argentines, and 6% among Colombians.

There is also DNA from berbers (Amazighs) in Bermuda, Peruvians 3%, Mexican Americans 4%, Puerto Rico 3%, Greece 3%, Iran 4%, In Tuscany (Italy) and France (2%), Kenya and Ethiopia with 4%.

This study calls to honest politicians and historians around the world to do justice to the Amazigh people and to take steps to stop the falsification of the history that will lead to an extinction of a dynamic people. The berber people.


4 comments on “Genetics saves abused history

  1. Lwafi N'igaruwanu

    one thing that caught my attention from looking at the Geno 2.0 results, is the high degree of homogeneity of the Tunisian population, at 88% North African component , that is really remarkable , because, only 4 samples score higher than the Tunisian on the homogeneity scale [ Peru Ameridian , Korean, Japan and Yoruba from Nigeria ]…even thou we know that Tunisia ( Africa ) was conquered the most by foreigners in the North African territory…these conquests did not result in population replacement, as most historians would have imagined or speculated about….I am pretty sure that most mainstream historians are stunned by the recent genetic results,and as a consequence, the whole history of North Africa need to be re-written and corrected..

    one of the early muslim historians described the land of the Amazigh people, as [jazirat al maghreb ] ..the island of sunset , the region is surrounded by sea and infinite sands of the greatest desert in the world , indeed the region is geographically highly secluded,[just like Japan or Korea ] and this geographic seclusion is what makes the population replacement by foreigners impossible, and in fact, the only region of Tamazgha where the native population was replaced, is the Canary Islands…because, when Spain that owns fire arms invaded the Islands , its native population (Guanches ) were still living in the stone age…the bronze age has never arrived to the Canaries or the Americas.

    • kabylia

      Yes, that’s what I noticed by putting copies of homogeneous peoples.It is sur that if the history of Europe had been written in a desalting way by historians who had not lived in the century of which they relate the events, Europeans would have simply regarded that as a joke. But as we are talking about the Amazighs, a very creative people, the Eurpeians are legitimate historians from medieval fabulators.

  2. Truth

    “First of all, the study reveals that many countries, considered as Arabs, Nation, it is only 17% Arab, a percentage due to the territorial proximity, and even a little Jewish of 4%, confirming that the Pharaonic civilization was exclusively Amazigh, Berber.
    ……………. there is actually Arabic.
    This study is false at least 2 points, namely the Arab genome and the Jew. This can not exist because the Arabs are “a colonial invention.” The Sauds, they can not find Arabic, because the Arabic name originates from the African Punic language whose first Saracen religious Arianisites (Isserghnen) had a religious language that bore their Punic Name, and Arabic was a Punic term that colonialism usurped for the creation of the fictitious Arab people, invaders. And so the Punic became the Arabic to which it was necessary to construct a history with the attributes of the immense civisilation of the African atlantes civilisatueurs of huminità. Hebrew is also their North African creation. Remember that Abraham’s father, who is called AZAR, the root, just like IZRA EL. He saw God EL. It is believed that they are Jewish the Hebrews but not. All this is a falsification of history. The Atlantean African nords and their Punic descent are at the mouth of civilization. The Phoenicians are African names that have been written by the fossilists who would become oriebals that would exist only since Constantinople.
    One question to ask is why do Arabs and Jews have no historically established civilizations? And they are the only ones to be supported by religions, … It’s up to you to find. It is no coincidence that two impostures are fighting for Jerusalem. The Church and the West have made the East and the false peoples to the detriment of Africa and the natives who have become strangers to them.
    Shlomo Sand
    Hidden History of the Atlanteans

    • kabylia

      Yes, I understood that this study was trying to create an Arab genome from the Asian peoples such as the Persians.

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