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It is now official: no rights of worship and human rights in the Islamic Republic of Algeria

Christianity is a poison according to this Algerian official

Christianity is a poison according to this Algerian official

The renegade Ahmed Ouyahia, several times prime minister and state minister, today general secretary of the National Democratic Rally and special adviser of the mummy president Bouteflika of the Algerian Arab-Islamic Republic is under pressure from the Kabyle and Mozabite activists demanding the release of political prisoners.
Without any shame, before the whole world he told reporters that repression against all those fighting for freedom of religions and human rights is mandatory. “It is compulsory for the state to do its work, and it has already done so, and there are no human rights, no freedom of worship, we Algerians have been Muslims for 14 centuries, We have grown and grown old without having experienced this kind of people in Algeria.
He added: “Algeria is not a lost country, it’s not for anyone to come and plant their poison here, and we, the RND, support with all our force and conviction all the precautions and interventions that the State has taken. We even demand more repression against human right activists!”

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