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Young Kabyles: “We want to start pig farming”

Three young Kabyles from Ath Waguenoun, north of Tizi Wezzu, hope to realize their dream project. It’s about getting into pig farming. Academics, two of whom come from a family that has always worked and lived in agriculture, the three friends plan to launch their project.

“The idea crossed our mind when we visited Tunisia last January. We visited pig farms in the Sfax region of Tunisia. It’s really an interesting project. Although Tunisians, for the most part, do not consume this type of meat for reasons related to religion, its strong demand from tourists makes pig farms in Tunisia prosper. With us, especially in Kabylia, I am sure that it will be difficult even to satisfy the demand at the local level, since a good part of Kabyles consumes pork. It is a project that is close to our heart “, explains one of the initiators of this project who hopes not to face constraints.

“In principle, there is no law prohibiting pig farming in Algeria. For the distribution and sale, we can create our own butchery and feed the thirty restaurants in the localities that are specialized in the preparation of boar-based dishes”, suggests our interlocutor. “If we are allowed to invest in the field, I am sure that others will follow us and we will create an economic dynamic in Kabylia. In any case, as an engineer in agronomy, I would say that the natural conditions are favorable to our project” emphasizes the young academic of Ath Waguenoun.

Ravah Amokrane for Tamurt



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