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On 20 APRIL 2017, the Kabyle People continue their march forward …


On APRIL 20th 2017, the Kabyle people continue the march forward …

The breakthrough of the MAK in Kabylia and through it, of the Kabyle people, increasingly worries the Algerian authorities. In spite of a whole arsenal implemented for several years to neutralize it,

Information :

  • Media boycott and disinformation about the activities of the movement,
  • Professional threats to its activists,
  • Administrative harassment at borders for diaspora activists,
  • Demonization through its local relays,
  • Targeted and repeated arrests of the movement’s cadres as well as active activists,
  • Polution of cultural activities in Kabylia by prohibiting Kabyle literary meetings and encouraging Islamic events in the Kabyle country.
  • Accelerating the Islamization of Kabyle schoolchildren.
  • Installation and maintenance of “Islamist” terrorism in the Kabyle mountains,
    blackmail on sympathizers or citizens making available equipment or premises at the MAK …

The progress of the movement since 2001 is constant and the MAK has become by far the most important force in Kabylie, to the point where the representatives of the Algerian regime no longer hide their fear from the popularity and credibility acquired by the MAK and Its liberating project: Ministers, walis (governor) or political parties complicit, the MAK is henceforth designated as an enemy of the Algerian nomenklatura to be defeated.

The historic success of the 3rd Congress of the MAK, despite the mass arrests of delegates, is a major event for Kabylia and its people. This congress drew the outlines of the last stages to be crossed before Kabylia could proclaim its own sovereign state:

  • Establishment of a Kabyle assembly comprising representatives of the Kabyles following a territorial division, of which the role will initially be consultative but eventually called to become a constituent assembly,
  • Consolidation and reinforcement of the structures already created in order to make them functional.

On April 20, 2017, we call on the Kabyle people to mobilize a masse to show the world that neither the Algerian power, nor the real-political, will be able to hinder the progress towards our freedom.

We can no longer accept that our country, Kabylia, continues to be considered an Arab-Islamic sub-province.
We can no longer accept that our country, Kabylia, is manipulated by the wizard-sorcerers of the Algerian regime in the context of power struggles that do not concern us.

We can no longer accept that our country, Kabylia, should serve as a stepping stone for access to power and its material advantages to certain local treaters.
We can no longer accept that our language, Kabyle, will be relegated to the rank of folkloric patois which is openly mocked.

We can no longer accept to see our greatest children, from Abane Ramdane to Matoub Lounès, passing through Tahar Djaout and so many others, to die under the bullets of the Arab-Islamist hydra …

The pride, love of our homeland, freedom, universal values, oblige us to open our eyes and look to the future with hope, courage and determination in order to open ourselves to a world whose path Is blocked by the Algerian colonial regime.

Together, this message will be sent to the world on April 20th 2017, without forgetting our duty of support and solidarity with the Mozabite people, and to Dr. Kameleddine Fekhar, who is prisoned by the Algerians, and is in his 98th day of hunger strike.

Long live the Kabyle people, Long live free nation of Kabylia.

Bouaziz Ait-Chebib

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