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Kabylia will become an independent state

by Firmus

From Rome to Turkey, no conqueror succeeds in subduing the Kabyle Nation, conquering its territory, and depriving it of its independence. Indeed, all the powerful countries that Kabylia had to face over the centuries have failed to break down its resistance and colonize its country. France has confirmed a rule that plunged a pacifist people into the instability and tragic forgetfulness of the independence of its nation.

In 1842, instead of establishing diplomatic, economic and friendly relations with the Kabyle Nation, Governor General Bugeaud announced, on the contrary, the impossibility for France to leave Kabylia independent. And then it was assigned as a mission to annex it to the country (Algeria) constituted by France. From then on, the Kabyle nation alternated offensive and defensive war to preserve the integrity of its territory, until the fateful year of 1857 when it was defeated on the battlefield and colonized.

The Kabyle people spent thirteen years wounding their wounds, reorganizing and regaining strength, and in 1871 launched the third war against France with the aim of decolonizing the country. Defeated, it will undergo practically a century of colonization punctuated by localized revolts or rebellions of small groups like the Ummeri.

During this century of colonization, the idea of regaining arms and permanently returning France out of its territory never abandoned them. From the 1920s, their immigration created an organization to decolonize … all of Algeria. The fraternity and legendary humanism of the Kabyle people made an political and historical analysis error.

After the independence of the state, Algeria, created artificially by France and for France, a country to which Kabylia was linked by coercion and violence, the Kabylian people, exhausted by a war which they organized and carried out from end to end, aspired to lasting peace and wanted to believe in a state that would naturally recognize their rights. They waited eighteen years, consenting to all possible sacrifices and imaginable. The failure of the approach led them to change his attitude.

Then for twenty years they fought peacefully and exclusively on the political front for a state of law at the service of all the different Algerian peoples. They fought alone, against a regime guilty of multiple violations of human rights. Guilty of alienation, subjugation, the deliberate impoverishment of Kabylia and the devaluation of the Kabylian citizen sacrificed for the benefit and satisfaction of the thurifera of imaginary virtues and pan-Arabism.

The awakening

In 2001 the hope of a harmonious coexistence in a plural, democratic and federal Algeria was brutally assassinated with the weapons of war. Murdered alongside children, young people and the elderly in a scandalous and inhuman indifference of the Algerian peoples. Acts and indifference that history has poured into the file of the monsters with human faces. Hope turned out to be a utopia set on the road of the Kabyle people by the memory of an Amazigh neighborhood respectful of the given word and the inviolability of the borders of each one. To hold on to it would cause mathematically the disappearance of the Kabyle identity. The people understood that the perpetuation of the Kabyle identity inevitably passes through a Kabyle state.

From the outset the passage through history, the exploration and questioning of contexts, imposed itself on the militant elite and stimulated its reflection. The re-reading of the historical itinerary of a people in love with justice and a fervent supporter of democracy, convinced by its pacifist conception of inter-nation relations, brings its independent Confederate Republic out of the shadow of history. Now, it is obvious that nothing will stop his movement towards liberation.

In this month of April 2017, the success of the grand marches organized by the diaspora and in Kabylia proves that all the efforts deployed and the billions spent since 1962 to erase from the collective memory and history the mere evocation of a confederate and independent Kabyle republic were not only barren, but also largely involved in the development of the national liberation movement of Kabylia.

All the machiavellian machinations have finally turned against the ideologues of hatred, racism, the falsification of history and had the result of forgetting the independent Kabyle Nation. Today, the indomitable will for independence inscribed in the genes of any Kabyle resurgues to the four corners of Kabylie and nothing will stop it.

The years of skull-stuffing and pernicious propaganda against the Kabyle identity had little effect on the determination of a people who no longer bear to preserve in a wait-and-see attitude, Gradually the walls of a corridor of death for millennial identity.

This people does not submit themselves eternally to a system of foreign institutional authority. They can not be the slaves of a system hostile to their dignity or subordinated to a dictatorship that imposes ruthless rules for their identity even though the dictator is from their ranks. This people wants to rebuild its independent Nation and live there peacefully under the shelter of its universal laws and in accordance with humanistic values. They will never claim the good of others, they simply want to preserve their own. Is it a crime? Obviously not, except for the hateful hegemonists who have a sickly aversion to plurality.

Like the ever-increasing number of peace-loving, humanist and civilized people who recognize that war is barbaric and it is foolish to want to settle political disputes through this medium, the decolonization of its Nation by means of arms, but by peace and law. Human rights, nothing but human rights without violence or bloodshed. It remains to convince the international institutions that still operate largely according to the old patterns inherited from a dramatic global conflict and “stability” to the detriment of the right of peoples to self-determination.

Kabylia will become a state

L’indépendance oubliée et l’éveil.

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