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MAK-Anavad, the emergence of an independent center of legitimacy


The Algerian state has failed in all its attempts to marginalize the Berber fact for 16 years, even 37 years. It was unable to prevent the emergence of MAK-Anavad as a pole of independent legitimacy. And if there is a crucial step towards independence, it is that one. The emergence as a political center that can not be controled. The “system”, experienced as omniscient in Algeria, did not see the emergence of a major player on the political scene in North Africa.

The MAK-Anavad, a center of independent legitimacy

The creation of the MAK on 5 June of 2001 was observed as an epiphenomenon. Eclipsed at its beginnings by the spectacular but ultimately perishable citizen movement. Nothing spectacular in the birth of the MAK in 2001. But a sustainability that worries Algiers to the highest point. The birth of the Kabyle provisional  government on June 1 of 2010 crowned everything. As well as congresses held in the nose and beard, especially the beard, of the Algerian Islamic Republic. For the Algerian Republic is above all an Islamic republic which does not say its name. Islam is the religion of the state, it is nothing but Islamism. From the Oulémas to the GIA, the Wahhabi-salafisation of the minds in Algeria do not hides any more. The Algerian state thought of doing with the Kabyles the same thing as with the Islamists of the black decade. Controlling the Algerian Islamism is done. Today, Islamism has become a center of legitimacy dependent on the State itself and the Bazaar Economy.

While the MAK-Anavad constitutes itself as an independent center of legitimacy in more ways than one. A center of independent legitimacy that wants the Independence of Kabylia.

Conquering the Kabyle Social Space

And now the Algerian state wants to try it again with Kabylia. He would like to feast on the sovereignists, now that he has digested the Islamists in order to legitimize themselves. But in the meantime, the MAK has opted for total independence. He made the Kabyle identity card. On March 10 of 2015, a Kabyle flag was elected. An election legitimized by the participation of thousands of convinced sovereignists. But also by many Kabyles who did not belong to the MAK. Notwithstanding some, the Anay Aqvayli is the flag of all Kabylia. This flag which conquers more and more the hearts and the social space in Kabylia and the diaspora. Besides, the Kabyle language is now liberated from Tamazight, Neo-Tifinagh and culturalists. The Kabyle language which is written in Latin creates a social space. And it is on the way with the MAK-Anavad to create a public and institutional space. All that remains is the creation by Anavad of a Kabyle public radio-television service. And it will have conquered the Kabyle Social Space in depth, in Kabylia as in the diaspora.

From the Political Space to the Social Space

These aspirations for freedom regained and borne by the Kabyle people have conquered the political sphere. The project of the Anavad makes palpable the existence of the Kabyles as such. Politicians motivated by cashing very soon 6000 euros per month are launching autonomist campaign, others speaks about decentralization. All of them unable to reinvent themselves at the source of Taqvaylit (Kabylness). The Kabyles will not be fooled. It is a sad spectacle that of these gravediggers of Kabylia who are embarking on political gains at all costs. As they have exploited on their account the motivations of the citizen movement of the arch. No one in the last two decades better knows the motivations of the Kabyle society than the MAK-Anavad. It even goes as far as to underlie its motivations. One nurturing the other.

It is this emergence as a “center of independent legitimacy” that causes so many problems to militants for an Independent Kabylia. The security forces are acting in the service of a colonial state but until when? The Kabyle people are the only ruler. And it will bring the answer to this question in the near future.

Salem At Seyd
translated from siwel 041710 May 17 UTC

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