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What do the events of Tuviret reveal?

My friend Firmus seems to be amazed by the Westerners’ lack of indignation at the misfortune of certain peoples, especially the Amazigh peoples. There is much indignation, but very selective indignation. They choose which people deserve their support as they choose a dish in a restaurant menu. There are peoples” in” and peoples who should be delited from history as the capitalists want it. It is with this bazaar humanism that the anti-racist and human-rights organizations are established.

By Firmus
What do the events of Tuviret reveal? Obviously, a “territorial” awareness. Indeed, it is no longer two regions of Kabylie, in this case Tizi Wezzu and Vgayet, which are the focal point of the struggle for self-determination, but it is the Kabyle country as a whole. They also reveal, at least for the still numb consciousnesses that we are one of the last peoples in the world to be still colonized, but did not know until recently. How did we get there? Unpredictable historical events have diverted us to an out-of-orbit trajectory. A people with a state / structured kingdom would have found the resources to deal with the difficulty and solve it sooner or later. But the Kabyle people …

First of all we are colonized mentally, which caused a loss of historical memory. Indeed, it is still difficult for us to find a place in the North African space. We had forgotten that only Agawa territory was our historical possession and had lost the memory of our independence spread over several centuries. Independence lost on the way to the nineteenth century during the military defeat of 1857, years when France had attached us against our will to Algeria that France had created artificially and arbitrarly in 1839. And we had forgotten that we had waged a war of decolonization, in 1871. Since the country Igawawun became the Kabyle country in the books written by the French feathers. We probably had other names, but … Many other things are buried in our collective memory, up to philosophical and spiritual independence. We vaguely remember that we were a respected, dreaded, free and independent people.

Will France pay off its historic debt one day? Or will it continue to support a colonizing country to the detriment of human rights that it claims to place above all else? Judging by the blackout of its media on the events in Kabylia, we are not moving towards a reparation, errors committed by France of the nineteenth century. Let us remember that the French media are quick to spread the slightest explosion of a wet firecracker in the Middle East. Are our misfortunes uh … incompatible with their vision of a fair world? Are we not entitled to peace and freedom?

Kabylian sovereignists do not interest the international press because they are pacifist, democratic. They struggle with the weapons of international law and historical legitimacy. Indeed, we are militating with the arguments of pacifism and democracy, relying on Justice, international charters, we are not bombers, murderers, we categorically oppose these inhumane methods, so we are aware that we can not rely on Amnesty International or any other human-right organization allegedly serving the oppressed. These selective organizations involved in defending themselves turn their backs on the serious facts which take place in Kabylie, and in the land of Mzab, they close their ears not to hear the cries of distress of a persecuted people; The physical and psychological aggressions of the Kabyles men and women daily abused by the Algerian repression services.

A little backward. From the time of Algeria’s independence, a tyrannical regime emerging from traitors who hid themselves on the other side of the borders had seized power by force of arms delivered by France. The leaders were particularly fond of prohibitions of all kinds. To make the list belongs to the inventory: prohibition of Kabyle language. Prohibition of maziɣ history. Prohibition to tell the truth. Prohibition of any democratic debate. Prohibition of freedom of expression and conscience. Etc. The falsification of history had assumed an unparalleled scale. The Kabyle language was immediately relegated to the level of folkloric dialect and confined to the space of the home before disappearance by the action of the school, the media and the preaching of the fundamentalists who came mainly from Egypt.

Harassed by propaganda, hatred and daily difficulties. Instead to abdicating and blending into the new Algerian people, newly created, the Kabyle people, for whom bending for humiliation or injustice is not their tradition, was instead electrified by adversity and moved determination never to renounce their identity was reinforced by the negation of their existence which was and still is the main political battle of the objective alliance sealed between the “secular” panarabists and the religious fundamentalists; By the contempt and the daily racism that every Kabyle has had to endure outside his country. Their progress towards independence has just tied Tuvirett firmly to their cradle. It will do the same with the other regions of Kabylia.

Now that the Kabyle people have risen peacefully to regain possession of their plundered natural right, as has been demonstrated in the fertile region of Tuvirett, voices at the service of propaganda rise to anonerate lucubrations of the type: You divide the country, agent of the foreign states… Or the famous: You will create a small state, while the world are building big ensembles, thinking to the European union. As if the Arab-Muslim Algeria resulting from a colonial violent has a semblance of resemblance with the European democracies. How to explain to the obtuse that the ensembles are constructed in the respect of the participants? How can we “debate” the inalienable right to self-determination with people who are incapable of self-reasoning to the point of systematically resorting to “examples” that do not fit into the kabyle box even when trying to insert them with a hammer?

Kabylia will become a state.

Rest in peace Dda Lwenas. Rest peacefully heroines and heroes of Kabylie.

Respect and admiration for the militants of the country.


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