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The Arab-Berber conflict will take place in all European cities

The tetanized European

The tetanized European

A few months ago I attended a seminar organized by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Participants were mostly from the European countries and representatives from the countries of North Africa and the Sahel. All of them worked for NATO, the spearhead of the West.
It was clear that  all the participants agreed on the support to be granted to the Algerian Islamic junta and the king of Morocco, commander of all believers,  considered as faithful allies able to defend Western interests.

During this meeting these “researchers” defend the thesis that all liberation movements which dispute the pos-colonial  boundaries must be considered as a jihadist threat. NATO must intervene on humanitarian grounds in this region. Like they did against the poor Tuaregs who had decleard independence of their country Azawad from Mali.
During the entire presentation, no speaker took the ethnic dimension of this region of the world.
I asked to speak, and they gave me permission. I explained then that the support that the Westerners bring to the North African despots would be a real catastrophe in the long and medium term because these countries that they want exclusively Arab will explode in civil wars which will make the Syrian war seem like a game in a kindergarten, and that these wars will affect the populations of Europe. North Africa is a stone’s throw from Europe, and millions of North African, Arab and Amazigh are already found in this continent. The influx of refugees in the upcoming ethnic-religious conflicts in North Africa  will be larger than any other crisis before, and that the cleavages they have imported with them are so profound that it will disrupt the whole of Europe.
Unorganized by my presence and my speech, the organizers did no longer let me speak and they ordered the other speakers to hauld out time so that they could sterilize the discussion.
Today, these same powers are making a round back and want to ignore that their Arab-Muslim allies in North Africa seem to no longer terrify the Amazigh peoples.

I address to my European friends who seem to be tetanized sitting on the tribunes lamenting the fate of their societies phagocyted by Islam like a blotter sucking ink, and think that every movement from the third world is a new Arabic spring.
You know that the arabic islamise and that islam arabize and that the Rifain people is still part of the Amazigh family – the only group thas is moving forward!

The Arab-Berber conflict will take place in all European cities, as we can see in this video filmed in Madrid, Spain

In the video above we see two groups from the same country with the same roots. One, Arabized,
vociferates their hatred on the other because they don’t want to be assimilated and arabized.The latter refuses in an ultimate effort to submit to an identity, an imposed ideology.
They seem to say to their Arab neighbours and to the whole world that they have become aware of having been suffering from a dangerous disease and want to heal themselves by refusing the identity and the Arabic language, the sacred language of the Qur’an.
They do not want to be called Mohamed, the prophet of Arab-Muslims. Rather, they want to speak the language of free men. Symbolized by the symbol adorning the flag which it displays at the sight of the world. They rather want to give the name of Massinissa and Dihya to their children. This is what the Moroccan monarchy answers niet to, in the most violent way. This takes place under the silent complicity of the pseudo good conscience of the West, the International League for Human Rights, Amnesty International and the UN Council for Human Rights, all of these true instruments of NATOs political propaganda.

NUPI   ,the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. The names of the plotters against the peace and freedom of defenseless peoples:
Ulf Sverdrup, Director, NUPI
Giovanni Grevi, Director, FRIDE

Ben Witjes, Director of Projects and Programs, Hivos

Knut Langeland, Special Report for Sahel and Maghreb, UD

Morten Bøås, research professor, NUPI

Anouar Boukhars, Associate Researcher, FRIDE and Associated with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Francesco Strazzari, Senior Researcher, NUPI and Professor 2 in International Relations, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa
Mary Fitzgerald, analyst

Mustapha Camel El Sayed, Professor at the University of Cairo and Director of Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training
Vito Intini, Head of Planning and Management Section, UN ESCWA

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, Ambassador to Mauritania, former United Nations Special Representative for Somalia and the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for West Africa.
Olakunlé Gilles Yabi (Mali), founder of West Africa Citizen Think Tank (WATHI)
Jean-Herve Jezequel, Senior Analyst, International Crisis Group
Nathalie Cantan, Sahel Sahara Policy Officer, Directorate-General for International Relations and Strategy, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs




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