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Accession of Kabylia to Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

In joining the “European Free Alliance” family, Kabylia has just added another victory on their road to independence. It has just crossed another milestone, bringing it closer and closer to its independence. This milestone was a necessary step for some oppressed peoples on their road to enjoying their present independence and their current places in the concert of nations.

On June 14., Sir Ferhat Mehenni, the president of the Anavad, made an announcement in front of the European Commission headquarters, stating that Kabylia had just been admitted as a member of the Organization of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples (UNPO). This announcement was only a prelude. The MAK Anavad will return to the subject shortly with an official ceremony to support the ins and outs of this membership.

UNPO members are represented with observer status in major international institutions such as the United Nations.


UNPO is dedicated to the five principles enshrined in its Covenant:

  • The equal right to self-determination;
  • Adherence to the internationally accepted human rights standards as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments;
  • Adherence to the principles of democratic pluralism and rejection of totalitarianism and religious intolerance;
  • Promotion of non-violence and the rejection of terrorism as an instrument of policy; and
  • Protection of the natural environment.

The objectives and principles of the Kabyle fight for independence are in perfect symbiosis with those of the UNPO. Human rights and the quest for democracy are the DNA of the Kabyle soul.

Peaceful activism and the rejection of violence are guarantees for more membership in Kabylia and internationally. The peaceful voice is that which is advocated by the great figures of this world like Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, to name but a few. It is also the voice preferred by civilized peoples. Violence is but the expression of cowardice, lack of argument and conviction, wild animal nature, and intellectual incompetence, perfectly exemplified by the colonial power in Algiers.

Kabylia’s sovereignty and independence by referendum under the aegis of the united nations and the international community is the ultimate goal of MAK Anavad – it is no secret that independent Kabylia will work for the establishment of an Amazigh federation which will seat all the Berber peoples of North Africa who wish it. Ecology will be the cause of the people of the current century. Kabylia, naturally open to the world and concerned about the future of humanity, will do its best to defend this cause.

Kabylia, therefore, has all the qualities required to be admitted to the UNPO, to continue its struggle within it to concretize and have its objectives accomplished.


Six members have become independent (recognized by the UN) since the inception of the organization. However, they continue to actively support it, notably Estonia , Latvia, Armenia,Georgia, Palau and  East Timor .

Kabylia will draw on the successful experiences of those countries that have become independent and members of the United Nations. It is not to be excluded that these countries will be the first to recognize the independent Kabylia.

Video: Ferhat Mehenni responding to questions posed by the UNPO Assembly.

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