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The policy of scorched earth of the Algerian regime against Kabylia


Kabylia is ravaged by fires! More than a hundred fires, on separate zones, far from each other, started simultaneously.

Unlike previous years, this year human lives, carried away by the fires are to deplore. The causes often cited at the origin of forest fires in Kabylia are accidents, irresponsible pyromaniacs, the land mafia, the Algerian army, and so on.

The scorched earth policy is a recognized tactic of destroying as much harvesting, infrastructure and resources as possible.

In the case of Kabylia, we know that whole families live off traditional farming. The inertia of the Algerian authorities, notably the immediate non-intervention of the army and firefighters, reinforces this hypothesis.

Where are the tens of thousands of soldiers and gendarmes stationed in Kabylia. As if by chance, they all disappeared from their encampment, from where the citizens testify of the departure of the fires. It is a crime against nature and an additional crime against Kabylia to be recorded among the multitude of aggressions it undergoes from the criminal regime of Algiers.

The Algerian regime practices the economic, ecological and cultural asphyxiation of Kabylia: reduction of 70% of the budget destined to Kabylia, blockage of any new investment, cancellation of projects in Kabylia, relocation of the existing infrastructures directly or indirectly with pressure and harassment of kabyle investors, etc.


These sabotage efforts are also accompanied by the implantation of Arabic-speaking populations by granting them housing estates and real estate parks inaccessible to the local population. More and more administrative and other positions within Algerian state institutions located in Kabylia are also allocated to them. All these indications point in the direction of a maneuver of the Algerian regime in order to eradicate the authentic Amazigh, non-Arab identity of the Kabylia.

from https://www.siwel.info

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