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All on the same galley but captains in turn!

capitafrikWestern democracy is a fiction. It does not exist.

The peoples of the affluent nations should be aware of the inequalities that prevail throughout this world. There are small groups of men and women who struggle unceasingly to reduce these inequalities since they are incapable of eliminating them. But there are also powerful countries where men and women struggle unceasingly to keep these inequalities.There are countries where peoples claim international laws to enshrine inequalities between peoples even though of invasions of distant countries without knowing that these criminal actions will be their curse. A malediction that we see in the form of a mass escape from the countries kept under the domination of the wealthy. This escape is not surprisingly pulled towards the countries witch resieve their resourses from the very same countries the refuges as escape from. All the essentials are there. It progresses or it regresses … but we are all in the same boat. Kabylia. 

By Hifad : It is a supra-dictatorship that is nourished by a myriad of vassal dictatorships installed in our respective countries to defend and safeguard its own interests to our detriment.

That is why there will never be a democracy in our small countries because the West is watching over it.

For those of us who want to enjoy the luxury of this fiction of Western democracy, they are forced to live in Europe, England, Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan and so on.

A small country, even as rich as Qatar, has no right to live in this fiction of Western democracy and we see how Uncle Sam has reminded them about it by subcontracting against them their best enemies: Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates and Egypt.

It is also a warning for all small dictatorships under Western rule, rich or poor.

Western democracy is not a model of political organization that can be imported and adopted but a division of the market with reserved places for the rich western countries and others reserved for their slaves who work for them day and night .

In this case, we need to talk about Western or rich human rights.
The so-called Human Rights Organizations therefore have nothing to do under the skies of our dictatorships created and protected by the West and which are at its service against their peoples.

If the members of these organizations are aware of this reality, they must first of all change this western democracy from the economic, political, legal, social and religious point of view, and raise awareness among the citizens of these countries about the fact that what they consume or live as normal is stolen from others whom their rulers condemn to economic slavery, hunger, ignorance and disappearance.

We must also combat the economic terrorism of the West.

There is only one planet and the conquest of space is only accessible to a handful of scientists financed by our money, we the anonymous masses from the abysses, and it will not be a possible solution for the masses even centuries after us.

Only economic crises, financial crises and wars make rich western countries understand the reason for the moment, bring them back to the reality of the world, or push them to more conquests, aggressiveness, destruction, greed, injustice and madness towards their fellow men and the rest of the world.

What to do ?

We need organizations not for human rights but organizations for an equitable distribution of wealth and misery simultaneously. For the reduction of vaccines and care to control demography and not to fill the laboratory coffers and destroy the planet, delimitation of a consumption limit not to exceed for the rich or the poor, an international embargo against countries that do not respect these universal quotas, and so on…

Following the example of what has just been done for Qatar.
All on the same galley but captains in turn! Foulouste

By Mohammed Hifad

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