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Attacks in Catalonia: Stop the Islamic carnage!

Euro-Arabs collaboration: epicenter of Muslim terrorism

International terrorism has struck once again. Two Islamist attacks have ravaged the Catalan people, snatching innocent people from dozens of families and wounding hundreds of others.

This latest tragedy reminds us to what extent Islamism, whatever its form, is a scourge upon this world that cannot be accommodated. The whole world must understand the gravity of the situation. There is no “light” Islamism. The followers of this criminal doctrine are not only in the explicit terrorist organizations of Daesh, Aqmi, Ansar Dine, Mujao or Boko Haram, but in all state entities claiming political Islam, beginning with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Turkey and all the so-called Arab and Islamic states, including Algeria, Morocco, Libya, etc., where religion is used to brutalize and enslave the peoples the Islamists intend to assimilate by forcing upon them their criminal doctrine.

To avoid a descent into chaos, the West must open their eyes unto the true causes and implications of religious fundamentalism. The rise of the international Islamism and its many ramifications will spare no one. Islamism and fascism, like all extremist ideologies, can prosper only in an unjust world dominated by lies and economic and geopolitical interests universally to the detriment of human and peoples’ rights.

In this, falsehoods cannot preside, so realize: Arab-Islamic states do not fight Islamist terrorism! They use it to gag and enslave the peoples they themselves oppress, and if need be to exterminate. It is in Spain itself that Mozabite human rights activists, Khodir Sekkouti and Salah Abbouna in particular, are incarcerated in a Spanish prison because “pursued by Algeria for terrorism» precisely because they publicly denounced the instrumentalisation of Islamism and terrorism by the Algerian State in their goal to subdue the Mozabite people, who, just as the Kabyle people and all Amazigh people, refuse to dissolve into the state doctrine incarnated by Arab-Islamic assimilation!

The West must immediately cease its lax policy towards these pro-Islamic states. At stake is not only the future of the people presently threatened by Islamism, but the future of humanity as a whole in relation to Islamism. The West is currently caught up in the narrow vision of its economic interests, blind to the true danger of this ideology! Islamism does not accommodate anything but itself; it is the very enemy of diversity. It is time to understand it and to radically change policies in order to properly challenge the ideolog of Islamism and all who propagate it.

By Bouaziz .A.C

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