Everything about Kabylia

Islamist Terrorism for Dummies


Islamist terrorism comes from radical Islam, which itself comes from Muslim fundamentalism. The latter originates from Islam. (It does not come from Judaism nor from Christianity or from atheism).

Islamic fundamentalism is being developed by Muslim Arab leaders as the great culture and the great Arab Muslim civilization in order to regain “the golden age of Islam” by;

– imposing Islam on their populations as the only religion, Arabic as the only language and Arabism as the only and unique culture.
– By forbidding their population freedom of worship even if it is inscribed in their constitution for the form (the rare converts never enjoy their civic right, non-fasters are persecuted and imprisoned, etc.)
– By declaring secularism a heresy (Kofr) and fighting it.
– By prohibiting any criticism of the Muslim religion. Many writers have been arrested and accused of blasphemy, but the criticism of other religions is allowed and encouraged, for example towards Judaism.
– By imposing religion in all areas of life (political, social, cultural, work, TV, radio, school, justice, etc.)
– By placing their populations on the hatred of non-Muslims, even in textbooks (in Morocco, Algeria, and, not to mention, Saudi Arabia …).

The list goes on.

It so happens that the Western leaders are the best friends and allies of the Arab-Muslim leaders, with whom they have flourishing economic affairs. To maintain these good trade relations they must please their counterparts and they are obliged to tell, and also to convince, their western population that Islam is a religion of peace and love, but is perverted by some crazy and misguided individuals.

It is a vicious circle in which the West supports those who develop and disseminate this mortal ideology. The latter will eventually overthrow Europe and destroy human progress.

However, hope is permitted since the Kabyle people, who are under the domination of Algerian Arab-Islamist, fights and struggles to free themselves of this ideology. The liberation of Kabylia will be an example of resistance for other people to follow.

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