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Madjid Boutemeur: “Let’s take up the challenge of intelligence”


This Saturday, August 26, researcher Madjid Boutemeur, Kabyle physicist, particle specialist at CERN in Geneva, held a lecture at the Café Littéraire de Bouzeguene in Kabylia. The room was full.

Far away from his European laboratory in Switzerland, the professor came to give a lecture on two themes that are close to his heart:

  • The foundation of Kabylia for Science, of which he is a founding member and which is in its creation phase in collaboration with scientists of international renown.
  • Physics and Philosophy: Let’s get back to the basics, but which ones?

Speaking a fluent Kabyle, sometimes punctuated with words or phrases in French, Madjid Boutemeur developed his scientific knowledge in a cathedral silence. In front of a large and curious audience, who is eager to listen to the child from Iwakquren(kabyle village), a candidate for the Nobel Prize in physics, he has developed his very complex scientific arguments with simple words and examples in an accessible educational approach to the audience.

He spoke of his project of a “Foundation of Kabylia for Science” to make Kabylia a “little Geneva” or a “little Grenoble”. He speaks of pulling Kabylia upwards, of meeting the challenge of intelligence.

Madjid Boutemeur spoke about particles, the object of his research, about the mass (Tazayt), about the void (Iqih), gravitation, the mystery of the black hole, the immensity of the universe, the atom.

« Assendu n waman ur d-ittak udi » (Beating water does not produce butter) :

It is by this metaphor that Madjid Boutemeur calls the Kabyles to roll up their sleeves and work in favor of scientific progress and popularization.

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SIWEL 291132 Aug 17 UTC

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