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What do the two Spanish and Moroccan monarchies play?

The opinion of the Moroccan Mohamed Hifad reinforces this idea already known of the collaboration of the various European intelligence services with the Islamic nebula. Spain is collaborating openly with the Moroccan and Algerian terrorist states to which this kingdom will deliver democrat opponents with the cunning excuse that it is in the framework of the collaboration of the fight against terrorism

By M. Hifad

Since Spain has problems with Catalonia, which is about to declare its independence in a unilateral way, and Morocco is afraid that the Rif will do the same thing, these two countries which are collaborating in the fight against terrorism, to hear from their political opponents, from the inside and the outside, would not they be behind these attacks in Barcelona?
These young terrorists, with candid faces, do not have the burnt heads of religious fanatics from the Middle East.
Would not the Spanish and Moroccan secret services have involved these young people in simple money stories?
Spain would like to frighten Catalonia by threatening it indirectly, by Moroccan subcontracting, to destroy its economy, and Morocco would like to do the same for Catalonia so that it does not solidarize with the Independent Movement Rifain and it would be for that reason Spain would have chosen young Moroccans born in Spain to remove all suspicion and blur the tracks?
The term “terrorism” is used to replace that of the communist (“chyyou3i”) of the years of the tyranny of Hassan II, used for abductions, political assassinations, summary judgments, without the assistance of a lawyer etc. .
The second simultaneous blow of Finland serves only to divert attention and create a normal situation likelihood, since this happens at the same time and in different and distant countries.
But this is done at the same time by young Moroccans, that’s where the rub is hurting!
If Spain wants to remove this doubt, it is its duty to make public the statements of the four presumed terrorists arrested alive!

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