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Catalonia: European democratic hypocrisy

By Masin Ferkal, President of the Tamazgha Organization

All the means are good to discredit the struggles for independence and to demonize the independentists.
When Corsica is fighting for its independence, the hostile, especially the Jacobins, say: “But what are the Corsicans going to eat if they deprive themselves of the money that France brings them to feed them? How will they do it? ” France is so concerned about the fate of the “poor” Corsicans that it does not want to give up!

And when it is Catalonia that acts for its independence, the hostile say: “The Catalans want to cut themselves from Spain because they do not want to share their wealth especially with the poor Andalusians and all the people of the south of the Spanish monarchy … “. The “wicked” and “selfish” Catalans are not in solidarity and want to keep their wealth for themselves alone!
There, it is the ambient discourse in Europe, land of states of law, democracy, modernity, human rights and freedom! These Europeans who often mobilize for distant causes, causes that are not always as clear as in this case.

We see how they mobilize for the establishment of a Palestinian state and how they ignore and remain indifferent to the barbaric attitudes of the North African states that the Amazighs (Kabylie, Tuareg, Arif, Mzab, etc.) are the victims of.
A recomposition of the forces is urgent and it will be absolutely necessary to put these European states before their opposites, but also the so-called human rights organizations as well as all the internationalist worlds which claim to denounce the injustices across the planet.

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