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When the Berber horses put an end to the 1914-1918 War

Originally, the “Barb” horse, Berber in this case, was used as a war horse by the Moors, Numids, Carthaginians and Julius Caesar to conquer the Gauls. This horse shone for … Continue reading

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Catalan self-determination : European artificial nation-states shake!

Despite attempts of intimidation from Spain and Europe, the self-determination vote will take place on Sunday, 1 October. Arrests, ubiquitous police forces, confiscation of ballots, the kingdom finds its old … Continue reading

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Referendum in Kurdistan: France enemy of the Human rights and of peoples rights, genitor of the mythical Arab world is on the alert.

Brussels: Kabyle militants present at Kurdistan independence march The address of the Schuman roundabout, the seat of the European institutions, experienced on Saturday 16 September an intense occupation by dozens … Continue reading

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Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History “Berbers and the Nation-State in North Africa”

MDC Principal Research Fellow Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman has recently published an article entitled, “Berbers and the Nation-State in North Africa” in the peer-reviewed Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History. From … Continue reading

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Primacy of Berber language within the Afro-asiatic family

This is a short essay to argue for the antiquity and primacy of Berber language within the afro-asiatic family and to refute the erroneous claims of certain semitistic and crypto-semitistic … Continue reading

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Kabylia for those who cannot recognize it

.. Kabylia, for those who do not know, is a province of Tamazgha, east of Algiers. It definitely offer wonderful sights, beautiful vistas in a word … nothing more than … Continue reading

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Recognizing the Rights of a «First People»

Recognizing the Rights of a «First People» By Professor David Belhassen* The twentieth century was at once the century of the great World Wars, the emancipation of man (and of women … Continue reading

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UNPO Condemns Human Rights Violations and Arrests against its newest member: Kabylia

Shocked by the repression suffered by Kabyle activists who led a democratic and peaceful struggle for their people’s self-determination, notably on 20 May 2017 in Bouira, 14 June 2017 in … Continue reading

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Islam occurred several hundred years later than the official version claims

The debate between Alexandra Irene Larsen and Harald Olsen (two Norwegian intellectuals) shows that what Islam says about itself has never been questioned. Yet, for Muslims the Quran is something … Continue reading

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Kabylian Pagan Songs

Kabylian Pagan Songs By Tisnalalit Where are the gods who filled the world? Have they fled from this world of madness or are they waiting to be called, to be … Continue reading

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MAK-Anavad, the emergence of an independent center of legitimacy

The Algerian state has failed in all its attempts to marginalize the Berber fact for 16 years, even 37 years. It was unable to prevent the emergence of MAK-Anavad as … Continue reading

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Juba II – Rex Literatissimus

Despite the arrogance of modern historians towards the Amazigh (Berbers), the Romans and Greeks knew what they were talking about Within half century of Juba’s death his scholarly renown was … Continue reading

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About the white slave trade market in North Africa: The Dutchman Murad Reis

Read the first part of the article “About the white slave trade market in North Africa“ Here I set my foot in what my Norwegian compatriots, in solidarity with the … Continue reading

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About the white slave trade market in North Africa

Banner of Ottoman Pirates About the white slave trade market in North Africa. Let’s talk a little about the Ottoman presence in North Africa in order to refresh the memory … Continue reading

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180 centuries ago … the man of Afalou, the homo-sapien Kabyle

Another proof that Kabylia is the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations that has known the history of humanity. The Afalou man is a Kabyle homo-sapien that resembles the … Continue reading

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April 20 is here and will be even more beautiful this year!

April 20 is here. The anniversary of that memorable day, by its magnitude to break the dictatorship but also its symbolic of never giving in to the charlatans, reasons in … Continue reading

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Berber raises from its ashes thanks to science

Decidedly the old Berber  raises from its ashes thanks to science. While jealous and malicious nations after crushing it by military savagery, buried it, given its civilizational epochs to imaginary … Continue reading

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At the time, the Muslim crusade was ruled by the French state.

The proof that it was France that had “initiated” the Arab-Islamization of secular Kabylia: BY FADELA HEBBADJ At the time, the Muslim crusade was ruled by the French state. Today, … Continue reading

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Genetics saves abused history

History is a series of lies on which one agrees, said Napoleon Bonaparte. The science of genetics brings down the last worn-out myths, the falsification of history, denial of identity. … Continue reading

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Algeria colonial management system established by France in 1849

A short but concise and useful  post from Professor Laravi, which summarizes the existence of the colonial state of Algeria.                     … Continue reading

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The Kabyle and their Pope Gelasius at the origin of the Valentine day

Amenzu tefsoutt, the first days of spring, is originally a pagan celebration of fertility. They say that in the past couple went to the fields to make love, while the … Continue reading

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Racism: Algeria is hunting down black immigrants

In a horrible manhunt, the Algerian State confirms once again its primary racism towards all that is African. It drops, as rabid packs, its gendarmerie on African migrants and, during … Continue reading

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The African continent from post-colonialism to decolonization: An inevitable historical process? Part 1

By afalku igectulen  The colonialism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century destroyed most of the ethnocultural entities of the African continent by making frontier trajectories without any foundation … Continue reading

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The Kabyle challenge (2/2)

Read The Kabyle challenge (1/2) Culture and “Kultural”  Before embarking on any huge task, such as to create a state or to found a republic or a constitutional monarchy, we must … Continue reading

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The Kabyle challenge (1/2)

Read The Kabyle challenge (2/2) Kabylia can still dream about building a politically secular state, that is to say to separate by law the politic and the religious and protect by … Continue reading

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The Kabyle Religion

Would the Kabyle be this congenital agnostic? Algerians have trouble with the reckless Kabyle spirit. They do not know how to categorize this people, nor where it would come from! … Continue reading

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Letter to Ferhat Mehenni from Yella Houha

MONTREAL (Siwel) – Mr President, AGMA inu (my brother), Mr Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, Mrs ministers, Ladies and gentlemen delegates, I take this opportunity of the completion of the … Continue reading

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Launch of the Kabyle parliament Project

MONTREAL (SIWEL) – It is on Saturday, September 3, 2016 that will be kicked-off the project of the Kabyle parliament by the commission chaired by the prime minister Mr. Lhacene … Continue reading

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Kabylia by Albert Camus

And if we think of what we know about the Kabyle people, its pride, the life of these fiercely independent villages, the constitution they gave themselves (one of the most … Continue reading

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The Chawi people: All people have a date to their nation, which refers to its history

The direction of the movement of liberation of the chawi people was declared on May 2 as a national day of celebration for the chawi people . All people have … Continue reading

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This deficient of memory concerns many European people who have been colonized

This deficient of memory  concerns many people (Like Gallia coloniesed by Franks or Norwegians coloniesed by Danish) who have been colonized, and finally forgotten the centuries of humliation, and adopt … Continue reading

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Ferhat Mehenni wins the battle of the street.

The Kabyle writer Youcef Zirem wrote after the great march of Paris April 17, 2016: “This is a founding day, this day will not be forgoten in the collective memory. … Continue reading

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Origin of the name Kabyle

The legend reported by elderly people mentions a giant named “Faraun” who came from his country with his arms full of vegetation, he collapsed on the present site of Kabylia, … Continue reading

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French Dangerous Liaisons

French Dangerous Liaisons, by an American citizen of Kabyle origins WASHINGTON, DC (SIWEL) — Siwel publishes contribution of the tireless activist of the Kabyle cause, Sadi Robin Melbouci, entrepreneur in … Continue reading

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The Berbers have the right to claim their share of the Greco-Latin heritage

La Tribune: You have just created an organization with Ameziane Kezzar, Mare Nostrum (marenostrumarcadia.org), who aims to highlight Mediterranean antiquity. What is the meaning of your initiative? MOHAND LOUNACI: Often … Continue reading

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The monster in the Kabyle imaginary

Awaγzen, ogre or Cyclops? In Kabyle imaginary, awaγzen or awaγzniw is a tale monster [1] that everyone imagines his way. Not yet present in the Kabyle artistic iconography, we can … Continue reading

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The Numidians: Gaia, Masinissa, Jugurtha, Juba

During the last two centuries BC, the Numidians created in North Africa, a powerful state with an original civilization. This is an exceptional event in the history of ancient Africa. … Continue reading

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Lupercalia, the origins of Valentine’s Day

Lupercalia feasts are celebrated every year from 13 to 15 February by the Luperci, priests of ancient Rome late in the year of the Roman calendar. The Luperci gathered in … Continue reading

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Religious identity, between labels and resentment

The origin of religious identity The trend in the under-developed countries, is that each individual is defined in relation to its religion. This is accentuated by the western media, who … Continue reading

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The official France: biggest falsifier of human history

In terms of falsification and misuse of history, civilizations, knowledge, arts and culture, the “orientalist” France is the biggest counterfeiter in the history of mankind. Some 250 Berber jewels are … Continue reading

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Ånden av Valentinsdag

Ernest Renan den franske filosofen av samme størrelse som Rousseau og Voltaire, den som best forsto de negative virkningene av Islam på enkeltpersoner under dens åk, hadde skrevet dette om … Continue reading

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