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Recount of a visit of a girl to her Christian father in Arab-Muslim prison

Recount of a visit of a girl to her Christian father in Arab-Muslim prison sentenced to three years in prison for his belief in Christianity. Yesterday, Friday, April 7, 2017, as … Continue reading

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Launch of an inter-mosque football cup in Algeria

ALGÉRIA (Tamurt)The Islamists also want to embark on football. The Algerian Arabic press reported this week that an inter-mosque soccer Algeria Cup will soon be launched. “3088 mosques have already announced … Continue reading

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Genetics saves abused history

History is a series of lies on which one agrees, said Napoleon Bonaparte. The science of genetics brings down the last worn-out myths, the falsification of history, denial of identity. … Continue reading

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Ex-muslim of Norway

En venn av meg, journalist av yrke, sendte meg en mail (Av høflighet til meg presiserte han at han vet at jeg ikke er muslim, men at jeg er interessert … Continue reading

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The Kabyle challenge (2/2)

Read The Kabyle challenge (1/2) Culture and “Kultural”  Before embarking on any huge task, such as to create a state or to found a republic or a constitutional monarchy, we must … Continue reading

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The Kabyle challenge (1/2)

Read The Kabyle challenge (2/2) Kabylia can still dream about building a politically secular state, that is to say to separate by law the politic and the religious and protect by … Continue reading

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The Kabyle Religion

Would the Kabyle be this congenital agnostic? Algerians have trouble with the reckless Kabyle spirit. They do not know how to categorize this people, nor where it would come from! … Continue reading

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A short discussion about Islam

Painting of 8 th century. The Iberians troops, Christians and “Muslims”, attack the Berbers in Marrakesh   This is an answer to an English-speaking person who denies the European complicity … Continue reading

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Muslims hatred towards Kabyles

The hatred felt by every Muslim is in opposition to what the media and Koranic texts say, is not directed exclusively toward Jews. Even if they have a high place … Continue reading

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Imprisoned by the Algerian junta for the crime of being Christian and Kabyle

Slimane Bouhafs is a 49 yeas old Kabyle citizen from Setif. He is a fervent defender of Human Rights, Chairman of the St. Augustine Coordination of Christians in Algeria. He … Continue reading

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The thief in the empty house, or Palestine as farce

The problem between Jews and Arabs does not date from the 20th century. Its genesis is in the Koran and in the sira of Muhammed. During the reign of the … Continue reading

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The Chawi people: All people have a date to their nation, which refers to its history

The direction of the movement of liberation of the chawi people was declared on May 2 as a national day of celebration for the chawi people . All people have … Continue reading

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The Berbers have the right to claim their share of the Greco-Latin heritage

La Tribune: You have just created an organization with Ameziane Kezzar, Mare Nostrum (marenostrumarcadia.org), who aims to highlight Mediterranean antiquity. What is the meaning of your initiative? MOHAND LOUNACI: Often … Continue reading

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The Kabyle mentality by Sail Mohamed ( text written in 1951)

Sail Mohamed Ameriane ben Amerzaine (1894-1953) was born in Kabylie, Algeria. He was active in both the Algerian struggle for liberation from French rule and the French anarchist movement. He … Continue reading

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The monster in the Kabyle imaginary

Awaγzen, ogre or Cyclops? In Kabyle imaginary, awaγzen or awaγzniw is a tale monster [1] that everyone imagines his way. Not yet present in the Kabyle artistic iconography, we can … Continue reading

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Lupercalia, the origins of Valentine’s Day

Lupercalia feasts are celebrated every year from 13 to 15 February by the Luperci, priests of ancient Rome late in the year of the Roman calendar. The Luperci gathered in … Continue reading

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Religious identity, between labels and resentment

The origin of religious identity The trend in the under-developed countries, is that each individual is defined in relation to its religion. This is accentuated by the western media, who … Continue reading

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Den Islamske staten gjenopplivede Zoroastrianismen fra sin aske i irakisk Kurdistan

     Bivirkning av jihadist bølgen i Irak, zoroastrismen, en opprinnelig religion av Kurdistan, opplever en vekkelse. Den eldest global monoteisme registrere en tilstrømning av nye troende som en reaksjon … Continue reading

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The ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism

The ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism THE CAIRO (SIWEL) – According to the … Continue reading

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This is « Rwanda in the Mzab ».

 Algeria is exterminating the Mzab people.  Ghardaïa has been locked down by « security forces » as to better prevent the Mozabits to protect themselves in front of the Arabs … Continue reading

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Gode nyheter: Frankrikes muslimer ønsker flere moskeer

2200 mosker og 200 andre under bygging er ikke lenger tilstrekkelig i Frankrike. Så store og overdådige moskeer er sjeldne å se, selv i land historisk muslimer, likevel har det … Continue reading

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Houthist kvinner i Jemen truer Saudi Arabia, USA og Israel.

Under en demonstrasjon i Al-Jawf provinsen i Jemen, løftet Houthist Kvinner (sjiaer) våpen og protesterte mot det de kaller “den Saudi-sionistiske aggresjonen mot Jemen”. De lover å bekjempe USA, Saudi-Arabia … Continue reading

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The Kabyle Christians’ persecution still continues

By Dr Dahmane At Ali The Kabyle Christians’ persecution still continues Religious freedom and religion facts in Kabylia Kabylia is populated by Berbers, a millenary indigenous people of North Africa. … Continue reading

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Hennes morder må nå være en “moderat”

Den 26. januar var det 18 år siden Amel Zenoun Zeouani, en kvinnelig ung jus-student i Alger, reiste med bussen hjem like før middagen. Hennes buss kom over en falsk … Continue reading

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THE PROTO-SAHARAN RELIGIONS by Clyde A. Winters The historic gods of Africa and Asia were of Proto-Saharan origin. Concepts concerning these ancient gods or great ancestors were first developed around … Continue reading

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Skandale: FN gir våpen til Boko Haram

Skandale: FN gir våpen til Boko Haram, en container har blitt snappet opp av den kamerunske hæren. Ifølge kanalen Pan-African TV- media i sitt program Panafrican Debatt fra 18/01/2015, er … Continue reading

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VIDEOS. The Algerian Arab “Je suis Mohamed” thousands of protestants in Algiers

Thousands of people gathered on Friday January 16 in the Algiers streets to denounce attacks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad  after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

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Islam oppstod flere hundre år senere enn den offisielle versjonen

Debatten mellom Alexandra Irene Larsen og Harald Olsen, viser at hva Islam sier om seg selv, aldri har blitt satt i tvil. Likevel er den offisielle historien om Islam en … Continue reading

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Sjiamuslimske militser i Irak er like farlige som kalifatet

Khomeini militser formerer seg raskt i Irak og har blandet seg i strukturer til regjeringen i Bagdad, som har blitt altfor avhengig av dem for å tenke å kunne slå … Continue reading

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The Kurdistan-Israel Friendship Association

Under the banner of  “Say it loud! Never again antisemitism ! ” The Kursistan-Israel Friendship Association”(KIFA), organized on the 31 of August, in Frankfurt on Main, Germany, an event which … Continue reading

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Den muslimske verden vil betale svært dyrt for 11. september angrepet

Dette bildet viser den amerikanske senatoren Mc Cain, veteran og helt i Vietnamkrigen, tidligere presidentkandidat i USA i samtale med Syrias opprørsleder, nåværende kalifen i Irak Islamisk stat. Den muslimske … Continue reading

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Ved å provosere Israel, har Hamas slått av søkelyset på folkemord begått av dens islamistiske venner av EIIL

By Dr Salem Benammar. Tunisisk intellektuell. Det er ikke noe hierarki av ofre i Gaza og de i Irak eller andre steder, men det er et hierarki blant de underliggende … Continue reading

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Christians fleeing Iraq

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The choice of religion in Kabylia

“The animal wrests the whip from its master and whips itself in order to become master, not knowing that this is only a fantasy produced by a new knot in … Continue reading

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Powerfull images

By Dahmane at Ali  Christian families from Mosul bid farewell to their homes and neighborhoods before they are force exodus from Mosul, and are forced to give up their assets … Continue reading

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Vestlige elsker dem sånn, en gjeng dumme tapere.

  Når vi observerer slakteriet som foregår overalt i islamia, kan vi si uten overdrivelse at islam er på tilbakegang, og vil snart forsvinne, ute av stand til å tilpasse … Continue reading

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En ung dansk konvertert har begått et selvmordsangrep i ​​Irak

Victor Kristensen, en 21 år gammel dansk konvertitt til islam av de første kalifene, har sluttet seg til rekkene av al–Qaida i Irak og begikk selvmord i november 2013 som … Continue reading

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Det Amazigh fornavnet Anir nektet i Marokko

I Marokko, har den arabiske minoriteten et system for å gi inntrykk av at den er majoriteten i landet. Ved å gjøre bruk av militærmakt som den fikk av Frankrike … Continue reading

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When Algeria’s Police Fail to Act, Citizen Journalists Step in

Not long after evidence of police abuse was exposed by citizen journalists there last month, cyber activists in the city of Ghardaïa have once against uncovered failings of Algeria’s police … Continue reading

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En Kabyle bak St. Valentinsdagen

St. Valentinsdagen 14. februar er regnet i mange land som festen for kjærlighet og vennskap. Parene benytter anledningen til å utveksle søte ord og gaver som tegn på kjærlighet, og … Continue reading

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Francois, shut up!

  Francois, shut up! The law of separation of church and state in France dates from December 1905 . Since that date, no official French discourse refers to the religion. … Continue reading

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